Psychomagician and Super Sigma Bust the Myth: 700 Does NOT Mean 70%!

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Psychomagician and Super Sigma take on the role of myth busters as they explore what passing scores of 700 really mean. Alas, 700 doesn't mean that you have to answer 70% correctly to pass an exam. Want to know what it really means? Watch the video!

  • Rogerio Prudente
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    Love it!

    You are my super-heroes!

    Whenever one my students come up with that question again (or that silly thing about "I am better than you because I got 756 and you 755") I will ask them to see your super video.


  • Oscar Vargas
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    Thanks for decipher how the score is computed.

    Mattel is looking for new super heroes :)

  • Angella
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    Great information.  Do the test get more difficult then, upon the 2nd attempt to pass the test if you don't the first time?

  • Jason
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    It would be nice if some sort of indication of question weight were given so we could prioritize our time.

    I prefer to run through an exam once, answering every question with my first impression. This ensures I have no blank questions. I then go back and reread each question and change my answers where I missed a detail. During this second run, I would spend more time on "heavy" questions if I knew which they were.

    What kind of weight are scenario questions? What weight is given to a question where there are three correct answers?

  • Lee Berg
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    Great Video! I don't think this has actually ever been explained in detail! Thanks!

  • Wayne McGlinn (Regional Lead - Australia)

    Thanks, added an intro and then sent my students to watch this via my blog, BNEMCT :)

    Hopefully see you both in Houston!

    Wayne McGlinn


    Brisbane, Oz

  • inoty
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    Am I right in saying, that the exams accept your first answer only. So if you run through the exam again at the end, as someone has stated, your changes don't count?