My Week of Firsts at Microsoft Learning

Laura Martelli (Microsoft)

It has been a pretty exciting week in the northwest for many reasons, so a quick post today about it:

  1. I went to my first official All Hands Meeting and I’m thrilled, since we have very exciting times ahead for the Microsoft Learning Experiences team!!!

  2. I worked for the first time on the exam schedule by myself.  Yay me! J

  3. We have a new CEO, Satya Nadella! Great news!

  4. Last but not least, we won the big American football game. Go Seahawks!

Also, I’m working in 2 new blog post, one of them in Spanish so stay tuned….

Cheerios and talk to you soon!




  • Jason
    | |

    I would love to see the pptx that covers the MS learning goals and strategies.

  • Laura Martelli (Microsoft)
    | |

    @Jason Krause: as I promise you total honesty.  I cannot share that with you not only because is confidential but also because I don't have it :)

  • Jason
    | |

    Understood, I didn't really expect you to share internal documentation.

    I would like to believe we could derive goals from actions, but that is not easy to discern.