Superheroes may be super human... but that doesn't mean they don't make mistakes!

Briana Roberts (Microsoft)

Check out the best of bloopers reel from Psychomagician and Super Sigma's first few dabbles in filming.

Everyone knows that all superheroes have their weaknesses, right? Come on, Superman is powerless against Kyrptonite… and what about Woleverine? You know he doesn’t stand a chance against magnetic fields. The Human Torch can’t thrive in non-oxygen environments, and Iron Man is helpless against electro-magnetic pulses. Just to name a few!  

Well as you might have suspected, there is A LOT of hard work that goes into making the ACE Chronicles look flawless. In fact, there is a whole team behind Psychomagician and Super Sigma that makes sure that the cameras are recording, the sound quality is good, and that the lighting figures our favorite super heroes only in the best light.


Sometimes, typically on any day that ends in ‘y,’ it can be a bit tough in the studio – for everyone involved.  Psychomagician casts the wrong spell, Super Sigma’s brain gets fried with all the languages she speaks, and well, we just plain make mistakes.


So, for all you fans out there, enjoy the absolute best of times – the first of probably many, many more – bloopers reel of the ACE Chronicles!

  • Guido van Brakel
    | |

    Brianna, sorry to say, but I think it's quite childish this ACE Chronicles, the frist episodes were very good were things informative information was explained, I hope you guys go back too that.

  • Briana Roberts (Microsoft)
    | |

    @Guido van Brakel - thank you for your feedback! Don't worry the ACE Chronicles is still aimed to address customer feedback and provide relevant information to the community. The blooper reel was just for a bit of fun! Out of all episodes, only the blooper reel and the Halloween episode were non-factual. Stay tuned for more great investigations!

  • Sven
    | |

    I like this Episode. After watching hundreds of technical webcast and videos every year it’s good to watch something funny...

  • Briana Roberts (Microsoft)
    | |

    @Sven Schubbe - thanks for your feedback! We like to have a little fun every once in a while! Cert talk can get heavy sometimes. Stay tuned for more great investigations!