We’ve been hard at work putting together Microsoft Virtual Academy's (MVA) first week-long virtual conference.  It’s Windows Azure Week - it's FREE and it kicks off on January 27.  Have you been wondering about what’s new in Windows Azure?  Are you looking for some guidance on how you can get started using Azure with the apps you’re already building?  We’ve got the experts from the product group who are building Windows Azure to give it to you directly in live broadcast sessions all week.  Here’s the plan for the week:

  • Monday, January 27:  Get Started with Windows Azure Today.  Watch as Scott Guthrie builds a Windows Azure app from scratch live on camera.  That's right - ScottGu will go from zero to a running app first thing Monday morning.  We’ll follow Scott with an overview of Windows Azure Storage setting the foundation for the week.
  • Tuesday, January 28:  Designing Applications for Windows Azure.  Wondering about how to design your applications for the cloud?  Learn about design best practices from Marc Mercuri with our best architecture guidance for your apps.
  • Wednesday, January 29:  Building Web Applications on Windows Azure.  Scott Hanselman and his team will go deep on the latest tech for Web developers.  Scott is always entertaining, and he's got a rotation of experts from his team to talk about their latest work.
  • Thursday, January 30:  Windows Azure IaaS Deep Dive.  Are you wondering how to integrate cloud-based infrastructure into your current environment?  Get started with hybrid datacenter scenarios with Cheryl McGuire.
  • Friday, January 31:  The Internet of Things – Connected Devices with Windows Azure.  Miranda Luna will take you through how to build Windows Azure back ends for your mobile apps and more.  Wondering how to manage users for your mobile app, or deliver push notifications direct to devices at scale?  This is the session for you.

We couldn’t be more excited about our first Azure Week virtual conference.
Register today! (it's free!  to everyone!  even your mom!)