The Taming of the Data

Victoria Pohto - Microsoft Learning

Is your company's data weighing you down or is it helping you drive smart strategy for your business? If your data isn't core to decisions in product development, forecasting, operations, inventory, marketing and sales, it may be time to rethink your data strategy. What some organizations consider a headache to keep in check (security and PII management, sifting through relevant vs. detracting information), others are using as a core strategy tool that no business professional on top of their game would be without.

As technology evolves and opportunities arise, the amount of data that businesses are entrusted with is growing at an astonishing rate. Friend or foe, data must be managed, as trusted MCT and principal at Sourcedev Rachel Jones explains. Make sure that your organization is positioned to profit by having a smart data management and IT talent plan.


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I'd love to hear how we're doing in helping prepare you for your "big data" career/challenges.

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