What Cyber Security Means for Aspiring Technologists

Victoria Pohto - Microsoft Learning

Hi! I’m Victoria. Some of you may know me as the marketing manager for the Microsoft Technology Associate certifications. Along with helping people earn their first technical certification, I wanted to tell you about some of the other things I work on.  My passion and job is to help people explore options or enhance their careers using technology. Happily, the Microsoft resources and opportunities at our disposal just keep getting better. Whether I’m talking to a student or a mid-career professional looking to branch out into a field with more potential and job security, I can provide them with information, show them free and fee training resources, and point them to a learning roadmap to help them get started. As a starting point, check out our new Aspiring Technologist page for those interested in exploring a change or starting a new career in technology.  

And there’s one more thing I want to share with you: I want to remind everyone how critical it is to be aware of data security across the IT industry. And, along with that awareness, is the need for more skilled security professionals. Information Security is much more than a buzz phrase. For businesses to stay compliant and competitive, data security has got to be “top of mind” for everyone from the CXO and Data Analysts to Finance and Marketing. Is our workforce prepared for the security challenges in front of us?

My goal is to make sure that those just entering the technology workforce understand the importance and fundamentals of data security and that those of us who may have been in the industry for a while don’t forget how important it is.  I found this article to be an eye-opener to the challenges and skills gap when it comes to data security. 

 “Constantly evolving cyber threats require the engagement of all of us – from government and law enforcement, to the private sector and the public. It makes sense when you realize that cyber crime now totals $100 billion – a number expected to increase in the years ahead.”

 Contact me if I can be of help to you. Check out our new Aspiring Technologist page, and don’t forget to think about data security!


  • ITJM Sam
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    I can't agree more with this.  As an IT Security professional, and as an MCT, I stress the importance of basic security practices to everyone I talk to, from the need for strong passwords, to watching what you say and do on the Internet, as well as what you throw into your trash can at home.  All it takes is your zip code, date of birth, gender and your name and your identity can easily be compromised, and sometimes that is all it takes for a professional cyberterrorist to hack into one of the most secure networks ever designed.