Exam/Certification Update 3 - MCSD: Windows Store Apps

Larry Kaye

As we get closer to the updates on the Windows Store Apps exams to address features in Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1, we wanted to make you aware of two details:

1. There has been an modification in the exam release schedule:

  • The HTML5-related exams (70-481 and 70-482) will be updated on November 18, 2013, as originally messaged 
  • The C#-related exams (70-484 and 70-485) will now be updated on December 2, 2013


2. Individuals focusing on Windows Store App Development using C# now have the opportunity to register for refresh Jump Start events (or review the recordings made available 2-3 weeks after the live sessions):


Details on all exam updates are now available for review in the Skills Measured section of each Exam Detail web page:

Updated Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) will be available in January 2014.


Whether you have started on the path to earning your certification or are just about to begin, we recommend that you continue moving forward. For developer certifications on Windows 8 application development with Visual Studio 2012, the exams you take now will still count towards your certification.


To learn about new product features covered in the revised HTML5 exams, we recommend that students review the Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Refresh Jump Start.


In February 2014, recertification options will be made available for:

  • MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML5
  • MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C#


Read the FAQ on the Visual Studio Certification page to find out more.

  • Joerg Julius
    | |


    I have some problems understanding the upcoming changes in the MCSD certification track.

    I have already passed the exams 70-483 and 70-484, both for Windows 8 and VS2012.

    I expect to try the last exam 70-485 in the beginning of next year (based on Windows 8.1 and VS2013).

    Will I have to retake the first two exams in order to become a MCSD?

    What are the recertification options in February 2014 for?

    Thank you for your help.


  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    Hi, Joerg:

    Congratulations on passing exams 70-483 and 70-484.

    Keep moving ahead as scheduled.  Per my earlier blog entry, the exams you take now will still count towards your certification.  You do not need to retake 483 or 484 to earn the MCSD: Windows Store Apps using C#.

    The recert activities are for those individuals who already have the MCSD credential.  In the current program, to maintain the credential, they need to complete recertification activities every two years.  In your current trajectory, you would not need to concern yourself with these activities until late 2015.

    Best of luck on 70-485, and let me know if you have any other questions.



  • Joerg Julius
    | |

    Thank you.

  • Michel de Kok
    | |

    Hi Larry,

    Earlier 70-485 certification was scheduled to change on November 18. Now it's December 2. Does this mean that between November 18 and December 2 certification is still possible based on Windows 8.0 and VS2012?

    Thanks for a reply,


  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    Hi, Michel:

    First, I may be presumptuous, but let me say I'm excited for you to be only one exam away from earning your MCSD.

    Yes, until December 2, the 70-485 exam will only cover concepts associated with Windows 8.0 and VS2012.



  • Al Moataz Bellah Metwally Mohammed

    A common question for some people (I don't know if it is the write place to ask):

    Why there is no C#-based track for Web Applications, while there is a HTML/JScript-based track for both Web Applications and Windows Store Apps ?

  • Chris Gardner (Regional Lead - Eastern US)

    The Web Applications track uses both HTML5/CSS and C#. It requires 480 for client side, but 486 (MVC) and 487 (Azure) are heavily C#.

  • a1cc3c67-13dd-4b3f-8a72-ef2d2381651d


    I want do basic certification in development. Is the work experience  necessary for that?

  • Al Moataz Bellah Metwally Mohammed
    | |

    @Chris Gardner

    Thanks for the enlightenment, but is this mean that i could ignore ASP.NET (i didn't start it yet) and go straight for ASP.NET MVC

    I'm sorry if it goes off topic (Windows Store Apps)

  • Larry Kaye
    | |

    @ Al Moataz Bellah Metwally Mohammed

    Great feedback - we're actually looking into broadening the language requirement for MCSD: Web Apps certification.  Stay tuned for more details.

  • Larry Kaye
    | |


    While several years of work experience often provides broad and deep exposure to core syntax, APIs, and best practices, I do believe that a regimen of instructor-led training, book study, and exam prep can help you earn an MCSD as a stepping stone to a formal app dev position.

    My suggestion would be to review some of the developer-related recorded training we have on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site (mva.microsoft.com) and sign up for a language exam, either 480 (HTML5) or 483 (C#).  With the Second Shot promotion, your risk is minimal, as you can retake the exam if you find that you need further study.

  • Davin Mickelson
    | |

    I suspect people who are earning the new certification titles are unaware that the flagship MCSD and MCSE titles are without version numbers specific to .NET versions, product versions, or OS versions. That is why we must recertify to maintain the title(s). Perhaps Microsoft could instead specify version numbers in the names of their required exams instead.

  • Larry Kaye
    | |


    Thanks for the feedback.  

    At this time, we are limiting product-specific certifications at the MCSA (associate) level.  At this level, we carefully consider the deltas between product releases to determine if new and separate exams are required.  

    It is our intention to keep MCSD/MCSE level exam titles without product versions to streamline the processes for both earning and retaining these credentials.

  • Davin Mickelson
    | |

    Hi, Larry.

    Thank you for the information. You seem to be the man on top of the developer certifications.

    Will you post a blog entry or talk just a bit that lone Specialist exam just released on Halloween, 74-563? Will this eventually be rolled into another certification title? It's just sitting out there alone, like a lost puppy.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Davin Mickelson
    | |

    Whoops - wrong exam number!

    Sorry - the exam is 74-353: www.microsoft.com/.../exam.aspx

    It is based UX design in store front apps. Thanks!

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