To help students stay current with upcoming releases of Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1, several Windows Store Apps exams will be updated on November 18, 2013

 Details on the exam updates are now available for review in the Skills Measured section of each Exam Detail web page:

Updated Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) will be available in January 2014.

Whether you have started on the path to earning your certification or are just about to begin, we recommend that you continue moving forward. For developer certifications on Windows 8 application development with Visual Studio 2012, the exams you take now will still count towards your certification.

To learn about new product features covered in the revised HTML5 exams, we recommend that students review the Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Refresh Jump Start.  Individuals focusing on Windows Store app development using C# will still find the introduction module of this Jump Start relevant, while a C#-specific refresh Jump Start is planned by the end of the calendar year.

Read the FAQ on the Visual Studio Certification page to find out more.