Test Prep Tips: Recommendations from Microsoft Certification Exam Test Takers

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who shared their "test day tips" either by responding to the post: ‘Tried and True Exam Prep – Part 2: Countdown to Test Day’ or allowing us to interview them while they were in Redmond. (If you ever find yourself in Redmond, let us know!!! We'd love to meet you!!!) Psychomagician and Super Sigma could not have cracked the case without your help. Ultimately, your insights about what to do on the day of the test help other exam takers, especially newbies to the world of Microsoft certification.

So, what did we learn? You’re not getting off that easy! You have to do a little investigating on your own by watching the video to find out.

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    Liberty, Veronica, whatever idiot is running MSL, listen to this podcast


    These are Microsoft MCTs, MVPs, MCSM, MCM, MCAs, saying the MCSE is a joke, the courses are worthless, the materials are wrong, and "every single decision that Microsoft Learning has taken in the last 2 years, with all due respect, stupid and led nowhere. The quality of the training is shocking." "The MCSA/MCSE training is garbage" These are your MCTs saying your courses are worthless.

    Stop making stupid videos and get in touch with the community.