Check Out the New Certification Planner and Give Us Your Thoughts!

Erika Cravens

Did you know that Microsoft has a tool to help you know what requirements are necessary to achieve your next certification? This tool is called the Certification Planner and it is found in the MCP Member site.

We recently made some significant improvements to the look and feel of the tool as well as the functionality (example screen shot below). We want to get some feedback on how we did and some thoughts on how we can further improve the tool. We would love for you to try the new Certification Planner and take the survey below (only 8 quick questions - should take about 5-10 minutes maximum). The only requirement we have for you to do this is to have access to the MCP member site, which means that you would have to have taken and passed at least one exam.  The survey is open now and will close on October 3rd, so let us know what you think!

MCP Member site:

Survey Link:

Thanks and have a great day!


  • dahla
    | |

    Really nice update on the planning tool, which gives a much greater overview of especially ongoing certification paths

  • 80fe3ad8-fab5-41a4-9665-df308dda8d2f


    very nice update with a very nice design and a faster view on the certifications.

    Kind regards,


  • Werner Brandt
    | |

    Just tried it

    Where the previous Cert Planner was drama, this one is great!

    It shows nice and clear what you have and what is needed for your next certification.

  • Bill B
    | |

    This planner is heads and shoulders better than the previous version.  Well done.

    One thing I would change/add: It would be nice if you could hide certifications that are not of interest. For example, I have 10 certifications listed under the "In Progress" section. 5 of them are ones I would consider relevant. The other 5 have no appeal to me, are not relevant to my job or other certifications I have completed. I'd rather not see them in the list.

  • Jason Krause
    | |

    It's good to see the issues seems to have been worked out, but next time can you correct the major errors before launch? Support doesn't understand how to take a bug report.

  • Adnan Hendricks (Regional Lead - Netherlands)

    Like the live informative way of showing what you need and where you stand!

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    Thanks for the feedback here, everyone! Glad you're finding the tool useful. Please do take a few minutes to answer the survey questions. Thank you!

  • Sasa (Sasha) Kranjac - Regional Lead (Croatia)

    I like the new Cert Planner: no "old" certifications anymore (like MCDBA), useful info when clicked on a cert, clean look. Make a list of certifications instead of "metro-style" squares to make it look cleaner. Everything else seems fine. I've answered the survey too.

  • Mark Nathan
    | |

    Crisp and clear.  Far easier to assess where you're up to.

    Personally I Like the metro squares and think the old list method caused the confusion!

    Survey completed.

  • Volodymyr Sapiha
    | |

    good job!

  • alanevery
    | |

    You have to already have an MCP code / account.  Would be good to have something for those trying to get on the certification ladder.

  • Mehdi HAMMADI (Regioanal Lead - Algeria)

    Hi ALL,

    I just tried it and I am very satisfied.

    it is very useful and it gives you an whol view of you status.



  • David Bjurman-Birr
    | |

    Hi Erika - I think the planning tool is nice; however, I have a question that came from a colleague.  He's a networking guy and somewhat interested in MS Lync cert ,but not committed yet.

    How does someone brand new to MS certification use the planning tool?

    The tool is probably most useful to someone planning their first Microsoft certification.  However, if they do not have an MCP ID they cannot get to the tool, right?.  As far as I know ,the only way to get an MCP ID is to get certified.

    I know it may seem trivial to everyone that's already certified (or reading this blog); however, I think you'd grab new market share if the basic cert planning tool, and MCP registration for that matter was simple and open to new comers.  That way, you'd have their demographics, they'd be part of the system and be able to see the benefits they'll get if they certify, etc.


  • Eliezer Perlmutter
    | |

    Certficiation Planner have nice UI and easy way to view your current certification status.

    But I miss NEW certifications suggestions, based on your actual certifications, not like the "In Progress". For example, I have MCPD in Windows Application 3.5, the tool could show in "New": "MCSD - Windows Store Apps Certification".

  • 508dcf23-b4f3-497c-8093-272d07cfa97c

    Very nice! It would be great if you could add new (previously un-started) cert paths to my planner.

    Ex. Say I want to obtain a MCSA Server 2012 but have zero of the pre-reqs completed in the past. I'd love to be able to browse that cert path in the planner.

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