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Second in line to brain dumps  as one of the most irritating threats to a secure testing environment are the proxy testers. A proxy tester will try to take the test for someone else, usually by passing fake credentials in order to get into the exam, or somehow procuring a passing result in the name of someone else. Sometimes they simply just sell fake score reports or certificates in one’s name. In fact, proxy testing is almost more egregious than using brain dumps, because the violator isn’t even memorizing answers or looking at the test. Someone who uses a proxy tester can’t even pretend to know the material.

You can imagine how disruptive proxy testing is to the integrity of a certification program. Employers and colleagues need to know that those who hold a Microsoft certification possess the requisite skills. We spend a good deal of time ferreting out and taking action against these organizations that provide proxy testing promises.

This is one reason why our ID policies at exam centers exist, as well as biometrics in some places. The first step to stopping the practice is to cripple the criminal enterprises that provide the services. The next step is to stop it at the test center level. ID checking and biometrics help us identify those who try to take the same test multiple times under several personas.

Unfortunately, some of these proxy testing companies are as sneaky as brain dump providers when it comes to “looking legit” to the casual browser wishing to find study material. The primary warning sign of a proxy testing website or organization is any guarantee that you will pass the exam without having to take it. Look for promises like “Guaranteed pass!” and “Pass without exam.” Proxy testing sites indicate that they will provide a full credential if you send them your credit card information. A candidate should be very wary of such promises.

Engaging in proxy testing as either the test taker or the person who hired the test taker is a form of misconduct and fraud. If a candidate engages in proxy testing, that candidate will be permanently banned or prohibited from taking any future Microsoft Certification exams and may be decertified from the Microsoft Certification Program. Additionally, test scores and certifications, if applicable, may be revoked. These actions may be taken even if the candidate did not intend to defraud the Microsoft Certification Program.

If you believe that a website or company provides proxy test-taking services, please inform Microsoft immediately by sending an email message to mlsecure@microsoft.com.

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  • Oleg Kolpashchikov
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    Is there a way to check the test certificate by its number and make sure it is real?

    I have MCTS certificate. How can I prove to my employer that it is real? Is it possible to check the number and/or name?

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
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    @Oleg - You can share your transcript with a prospective employer by providing them with a password.

  • Florian Klaffenbach
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    @Oleg, check out mine.


    ID: 807660

    PW: bloodline

    You can create your own on mcp.microsoft.com by clicking on

    "Share your Microsoft transcript" on the middle right of the startpage.

    Best regards