Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, and System Center 2012 R2 are Coming Soon: What Questions Do You Have?

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Imagine that Psychomagician and Super Sigma had the power to get your questions answered about how the upcoming releases of Windows Server, Windows client, and System Center will affect certification and courseware. What if they could get the answers straight from the person making the decisions about how to approach these changes and incorporate them into the associated exams and training materials? What questions would you ask? What would you want to know?

Imagine such a world... and behold, Psychomagician has the magic to make it so!

Your questions will be the basis of an upcoming episode of ACE Chronicles where Psychomagician and Super Sigma will get the answers “straight from the horse’s mouth.” Don't be shy! Ask, ask, ask, and stay tuned for your answers!

Let us know what questions you have about how these releases will be incorporated into the associated exams, certifications, and courseware by September 9!

  • ImmoRhys
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    You mean you'll honestly answer a question posted here by MCPs?

    Wheres the 70-414 Exam Ref Book? That exam came out December last year, current ETA for the book is December this year. Will the R2 version be December 2014?

    How many people actually are MCSE Server Infrastructure for Server 2012?

    Why are there System Center questions on the 70-413 exam?

    Will there still be mentions of 'Server 8' or 'Server 8.1' on the exams, or has someone actually reviewed them and fixed the mistakes?

    Is the goal of Microsoft learning to improve IT skills, sell certificates/exams or to sell products?

    Why is there an Exam Item Challenge form when nobody reads them? Why is there an exam cheat reporting email when the exams are available on Google? Its like you're checking off a box 'do we have an anti-cheat program? yes' 'does it work? not important' 'do we have a feedback email? yes' 'does anyone read it? thats not important'

    What happened to MCSM Directory Services exam? Has the whole scheme been dropped?

    Has anyone at MS ever actually asked Prometric to stop cheats?

    Can Microsoft/Prometric ever actually get an 83/88 Lab exam to work again? Its hard to believe Microsoft can't setup a VDI system, but looking at Academy and Jump Start labs, which are buggy, broken and slow, it seems like it?

    Has the Microsoft Partner network approached Microsoft Learning to ask them to fix the broken exams so they can actually get silver/gold partner companies again?

    Looking forward to the deafening silence the (ex)MCP community has come to expect.

  • Benoit Desvignes
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    Just one question: How will the courseware transition between R1 and R2 versions? Is it going to be the same as with Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 R2, i.e. new version letters, or new course numbers / titles? I would personnally prefer the latter, because it would make the change much more visible to training centers and customers alike.

  • Jason Krause
    | |

    Same  question as always: Where's the Exam Ref Books? It does not seem that MS Press is fully behind the cloud yet.

  • KevinM
    | |

    @ImmoRhys:  Though it's not an answer from Microsoft, the reason that there are System Center questions on the 70-413 is the same reason that they're on the 70-414, and the same reason that they were required for the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator exam as well.  Those exams aren't just testing on knowledge about Windows Server, they're testing knowledge about implementing a Microsoft-centric infrastructure.  If all you want is to demonstrate knowledge of Windows Server then the MCSA for server or MCITP: Server Administrator are more relevant.

  • gmfuller
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    When will the exam objectives be updated?

  • Nathan Lamont
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    When will the exams be updated, and how will this effect those who are half way through their course for MCSA Server 2012?

    Also the virtual labs  and other training material?

    The same question to Windows 8.1, and System Center 2012 R2.

    Thanks in advanced.


  • Steven
    | |

    I want to know when the Cert of WS2012R2 will be publish.

  • ImmoRhys
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    I hate to double post, but this one is too relevant to the issues with 70-413/70-414:

    Are you aware, that the Microsoft Partner program has changed the Competency, starting Jan 2014, from Server Platform to Datacenter, and the requirements for Silver no longer requires 70-413 or 70-414 ?

    That is a brutal hit to any claims of relevance or merit MCSE Server Infrastructure had. Even Microsoft Partner Network doesn't want it anymore. Still want to claim its 'reviewed' 'relevant' 'industry based' 'real world' ?

  • Lourens van Dyk
    | |

    Will their be a MCSM: Private Cloud or Data Center certification? If not there really should be. Cloud is at the core of Microsoft's strategy going forward so there has to be a certification at the Master level. With R2 refresh and the concept of the Cloud OS it sounds like a good time to create one.

  • ImmoRhys
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    ImmoRhys 22 Aug 2013:

    What happened to MCSM Directory Services exam? Has the whole scheme been dropped?

    Microsoft 31 Aug 2013:

    Who's the real magician? :)

  • 5b0dbe0b-3ee1-4986-bd79-94b797fef2da

    Ah, ah, ah. Are you kidding me? I'm preparing 70-689 exam (and all other upgrade exams, in my experience), with no book, no class, no discussion group on BTL, no Transcender (or other LEGAL exam prep) and you said: "we change exam"??

    Ah, ok, i've to buy 70-687 and 70-688 books and re-buy this books with 8.1 integration.....