How MTA Exams Keep Up with Technology Changes


Hi Born To Learn community! I’m the Product Manager for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. I look forward to connecting with you through this blog to share noteworthy information regarding MTA. In this first post, I’d like to tell you about how we keep MTA exams relevant in a world where technology constantly changes.

As the MTA Product Manager, I’m often asked if MTA exams validate current technology concepts even if the exams reference older versions of the technology. The answer is “Yes!”

MTA exams are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are relevant in today’s environment, regardless of the technology version that’s new in the market. All Microsoft certification exams are reviewed regularly for relevance, technical accuracy, and psychometric soundness. MTA exams are no different.

Remember--MTA exams test users on fundamental technology concepts that span multiple technology versions. Even if the Windows Server and Database exams reference 2008 versions in the questions, the concepts being tested are still relevant in newer versions (e.g., 2012). We will update the versions referenced in the exams over time as we conduct our ongoing reviews.

Sometimes we find references that are outdated or no longer relevant. In those cases, we may remove the question, remove the reference to the outdated technology in the question, or rewrite the question. For example, the MTA Gaming Development exam currently references XNA technology. With the gaming industry moving away from XNA, the MTA gaming exam is being revised to reflect more current technology.

Whether you are the person taking the exam or whether you’re an instructor, you can be confident that we’re watching MTA exams carefully to ensure they are relevant and current.

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  • Muqsith
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    Thanks Ms. Holly Dickson !

    I am going to take MTA Database Fundamentals and I was having some doubts. Now I have got the answers.

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    Sounds great, I love the MTA concept.  Can you let me know if the Networking Fundamentals MTA is due for a refresh, since there are whole modules that are to be confined to a museum and not a classroom.

  • HollyD
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    Hi, along with all the other MTA exams, Networking Fundamentals was also reviewed for relevance. Although some of the topics may feel outdated, the knowledge continues to be fundamental and relevant to the intended audience and for the purpose of this exam.

  • Steffan
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    The concepts may still be relevant for many years to come but you're overlooking exam credibility and how detrimental it can be to a students confidence when they have no choice but to study using a later version of software than the one being covered because they didn't obtain the earlier version while it was still available. e.g. you cannot get Visual Studio 2008 on dreamspark (only the express applications) nor are any Windows Operating Systems available there (only Server OSs).

  • Mark J Price (MCT)
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    Hi Holly,

    When will the MTA Software Development Fundamentals exam and associated MOAC book validate current technology concepts such as LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, XAML, and Entity Framework instead of outdated technology concepts that Microsoft product groups stopped recommending since the release of .NET 3.0 in 2006 including ASP.NET Web Forms, XML Web Services, and Windows Forms?

    --Mark Price (MCT, MCSD)

  • Sudlo
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    sounds great i would love to take MTA, can some on point out any links ..

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