Last week, I posted the first installment of  The ACE Chronicles, introducing you to Psychomagician and Super Sigma on the ACE Team Blog. Based on the number of views, it seems most of you haven't found your way there yet... I am super excited about this series and our ability to be more engaged with our community. I want to be sure that you know about The ACE Chronicles!!!

Without further ado, meet Psychomagician and Super Sigma, superheroes tasked with investigating cases based on your questions about Microsoft certifications and exams. Not only will they answer your questions, they will also provide information on emerging issues. In other words, they will make sure you have the most up to date information about all things certification and exam, and they might even share some insights into life at Microsoft.

YOUR MISSION…if you choose to accept it:

  1. Meet Psychomagician and Super Sigma by watching the video. Tell your friends how cool they are!
  2. Share your answers to their questions by responding to Briana’s and my blog posts or shoot us an email.
  3. Ask questions… Psychomagician and Super Sigma want, no… need cases to solve… without cases to investigate, their evil nemesis, Cert Bunny, wins. And, that’s just bad for everyone.
  4. Meet Cert Bunny... Psychomagician and Super Sigma's nemesis. What's his origin story? Why does he behave badly? What will he do next? 
  5. Sign up for the ACE Team Blog RSS feed!!!! Don't miss out on future episodes of The ACE Chronicles!!!

Now, go watch that video…we’d love to hear what you think about ACE Chronicles!