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Location: Sweden
Twitter: @FredrikNilsson_
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 I actually started my Microsoft certification journey in October 2010 while I was employed at HP in Sweden. I was working within the Enterprise Services division with the Server Virtualization Solutions. The HP/Microsoft alliance manager asked a colleague and me if we had any interest in attending a Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Virtualization class. This class was my first real contact with Hyper-V and Microsoft Server virtualization.

A few weeks after attending the class, I decided to give the Hyper-V exam 70-659 a shot, and I passed. In the second quarter of 2011, after doing some self-study, I passed the Desktop exam 70-669; followed by the PRO exam 70-693. At that point, I added the title MCITP Virtualization Administrator to my resume.

My experience from Windows Server and Presentation Virtualization Solutions helped me out quite a bit, but my biggest help came from a site in Portuguese by Daniel Donda: MCSE Solution. I don’t speak Portuguese but, luckily, the web translation service does! After translating the site to English, I discovered some really valuable information on the exam topics and key resources for my studies.

Later that year, I attended Microsoft TechEd in Atlanta, where I met some awesome people, The Krewe, and really learned the value of the technical community. In 2012, I got involved in The Krewe community and joined the 60 Days to MCSE challenge. I was a bit too certain that I would pass the exams as easily as I did with my previous ones and, unfortunately, I failed to get my MCSE. I can tell you: it was painful to fail the exams. I had already passed exams from other vendors, and I had never failed exams before. I actually licked my wounds for six months before I got myself back on the horse.

I currently work at Lumagate in Sweden, a company focusing on System Center and I’m studying for the System Center Private Cloud exams 70-246 and 70-247.  It’s been really great to build a training schedule and a lab that covers both exams.

The next step in my education plan is to study for the MCITP/MCSA upgrade exam 70-417. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with Windows Server topics, like Active Directory, I’ll be studying hard to make sure I’m prepared for the questions. The 90 Days to MCSA challenge will be a great help in preparing for that certification exam.

Fredrik’s Tips:

1)       Set the date for the exam now. It’s a great strategy for getting yourself mentally prepared for the exam.

2)       Create a training schedule. If you’re attending a trainer-led class, be sure to pencil in time for additional study.  If you’re following a self-study plan, create a schedule that allows for a study-free day before your exam.

3)       Build a lab environment and try different scenarios. You can usually employ scenarios from your day-to-day work or find some at TechNet Test Lab Guides, which is a great resource I use.

If you have any questions, please connect with me.  See you around in the binary space!  Smile