My Road to Certification: Meet Marius Sandbu

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

MC ID: 6859838
Location: Norway
Twitter: @msandbu
Blog: Sandbu-Blog

 I was working part-time at a helpdesk when I began my path to certification. It was 2008 and I attended a Microsoft Vista client training course in Norway. After the course, the instructor asked if I wanted to give the certification a try, and I figured “why not?”. I trained for a couple of weeks and aced the exam. As someone who doesn’t have a college degree, it felt good knowing that I had achieved these skills.

After my first exam, I investigated other Microsoft certifications. After passing two more Windows Server exams, I got a new job as a system engineer working with infrastructure management.

Currently, I have taken more than 30 certification exams with Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, EXIN and Comptia and I know there are more to come.

I feel fortunate because certification has provided me with new opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure of working part-time at Microsoft as an infrastructure ranger. Currently, I work as a technical advisor and a Microsoft Trainer. My current work allows me to incorporate everything I’ve learned through certification, as well as my on-the-job experience.  Nothing feels wasted.

Why am I am going to continue with certification? Certification allows me to keep my knowledge up-to-date and I like playing around with technology.  Why not take the exam and demonstrate my expertise with the technology?

Marius’s Tips: 

1)  Find someone who has similar goals as you and become study partners. It’s always easier to study for an exam if you have someone to discuss ideas with.

2)  If you are studying for a particular exam, use the Microsoft study guides. Don’t rely solely on hands-on experience to prepare you for your exam. Most of the Microsoft exams already have a study guide available. TrainSignal or CBT Nuggets also have good training books and videos. 

3)  Find a topic that interests you! If you don’t, your training will take a lot more time because you won’t be truly engaged. Microsoft has a wide range of resources to help you find the IT certification that suits your interests.