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Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

There are many reasons to gain a Microsoft Certification - prepare for a new job, get ahead in your career, or to gain recognition by peers and managers.   Whatever your reason, Microsoft’s reinvented certifications, announced in early 2012, have evolved to focus on technology solutions, and validates the breadth and depth of skills required to manage cloud, on-premise, and hybrid technology solutions. 

While obtaining Microsoft certification is a measurable sign of achievement, earning your certification requires a great deal of time, energy, and commitment.   You may already be taking the necessary steps to upgrade your certification to a MCSE: Server Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2012, or a MCSD: Web Applications certification or another distinguished certification.  Prepare for your future by registering for your certification packs before May 31, 2013. By doing so, you will receive 15% off your certification, free exam retakes, plus you will have until December 31, 2013 to complete your initial exams and your free retakes.

Second Shot exam retakes are also available for single vouchers, if you have registered for a single exam voucher online or through a Microsoft Learning Partner, these vouchers, including free retakes, must be used by May 31, 2013. Sorry, no exceptions or extensions can be made.

Get the Second Shot Details at:

If you are preparing to schedule your exams, keep in mind that ALL exam registrations are subject to seat availability at testing centers. Reserve your seat early if you plan to take your exam(s) (including retakes) by the deadlines:

Don’t let your vouchers go unused. Register and take advantage of great SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 resources to give you the extra boost you need to pass your exams.


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  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    Been waiting over 6 weeks for Microsoft exam review for 70-413, which is full of mistakes and errors.

    2 more days and I'm taking a refund instead of using my Second Shot. Why sit a faulty exam twice?

    "While obtaining Microsoft certification is a measurable sign of achievement" hasn't been for a long time. Brain dumps are everywhere, even for your new exams. Providing faulty exams that people can cheat makes your certifications worthless.

    And ignoring feedback from the very, very few people who recommend and sell Server 2012 and Windows 8 'beta Blue' isn't helping.

  • 33365644-e434-4d43-aa94-40fde02553e4

    Ok, I'm going to ask the stupid for the sake if it since the FAQ is *so* absolutely unclear.

    1. Buy my exam pack before May 31. I plan to buy the 3 pack for the 2012 MCSA exams.

    2. Register said exam pack before May 31.

    3. Take first attempts must be done prior to Dec 31

    4. All Second Shots must also be done before Dec 31

    Is that all correct?

    Now, what exactly is meant by registering? That's the part I don't get. How do I register these exams?

    Also, the FAQ really gums up things here:

    " Q.Can I register and schedule all of my exams at one time?

    A. No, you can only register for one exam at a time, and you cannot register for a second exam until you have taken the previous one."

    What do they mean by second exam? The Second Shot, or are they saying I can't register 70-411 until I take 70-410 (as an example?)

  • Mehdi HAMMADI (Regioanal Lead - Algeria)

    Hello everyone,

    Juste as remeinder, the second shot and competencies exam pack does not cover all certifications then when ordering make sure the certifications you want to pass are covered by the type of voucher that you acquire. Youcan found this information at the step 03 of the voucher order process under the ''Exam restrictions'' section.

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    Hi ImmoRhys,

    We have reviewed 413. The subject matter experts that reviewed the content felt that it met the target audience and the solutions focus that requires knowledge of VMM (which seems to be the most common complaint) and System Center. Did you submit an item challenge? I can look into the status of that challenge. If you didn't submit one, please do. Any specifics that you can provide about issues that you have with specific questions will help us focus our review in more constructive ways.


  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @jayshaw91 - By "registering," it means you have to request your pack voucher by May 31, 2013. You have until December 31, 2013 to use the voucher. You can schedule all of the exams (first take), but have to wait 24 hours to schedule the retake if needed. Hope this helps!

  • Forever Learning
    | |

    Hi, according to here:, "the second Shot is attached to the following MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD certification exam packs and saves you at least 15 percent off single exam pricing", but MCSD is not listed.

    Could you explain why or let me know how can I sign up for this package: to get 15% off and the second shot free?

    thank you :-)

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    Hi Liberty,

    I submitted an Item Challenge 7 weeks ago for 70-413. Listed the exact questions with faults, and since I filled out 10 minutes worth of feedback when I sat the exam, anyone who actually bothered to read the item challenge/feedback would be well aware of the problems with the exam.

    However, Microsoft's response to the item challenge is 'we'll get back to you' for the last 7 weeks. I don't believe anyone read it, and therefore the exam is probably still broken now.

    Microsoft tracking numbers for the emails following up the Item challenge are:







    Also messaged Veronica Sopher on here, but no response in weeks.

    Basically Item challenges are being ignored by everyone possible. The exam has a lot of problems.

    Getting a refund Monday instead of using my Second Shot. Why sit a faulty exam twice?

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |


    I'm looking into this.

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    After 7 weeks MS has offered an exam voucher. Still taking a refund.

    They have said the question that is entirely outside of the exam scope is valid, and 'passed on my feedback' regarding the rest of the faulty questions, to the relevant people, which I believe is code word for recycle bin.

    As predicted, and mentioned above, nobody really read the feedback or investigated. Nothing really changed. If I sat the exam tomorrow I'd get the same questions I had last time, and the same questions in the brain dumps that have been posted up since.

    Heard nothing back from Liberty, but they may have at least pushed this along to this point.

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    Hi ImmoRhys,

    We are investigating the escalations, and my Escalations Manager believes that she may have an escalation from you through the item challenge process. She is responding through the appropriate channels. I also have our regional service center lead looking into the emails that you submitted.

    If you have specific feedback about specific items, please send it to It is very difficult for us to investigate issues of "this exam is terrible" without specific examples, and honestly, saying that questions are outside the scope of the exam doesn't help either--which questions (what you remember of them) and why?

    Unfortunately, the psychology of test taking makes us over-remember unexpected items and under-remember what we expect. Saying a test is bad doesn't help us identify problems. Is it because it doesn't align to your experiences with the technology? With the changes we made to the certification program last year, we are requiring candidates to integrate solutions across multiple technologies, and I'm finding that many candidates may not have these experiences personally. But, that is not necessarily bad. If the target audience is well-defined, and the content domain appropriate for that audience, then the items are in scope...even if they are not something you personally would encounter or do. The goal of certification is to ensure that you have the minimum skills that are defined by the target audience. In some ways, requiring you to know more than you actually do makes the certification even more valuable because it demonstrates your breadth and depth within the technology.

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    Hi Liberty,

    I have given specific item feedback. Its called an Item Challenge form, which Microsoft provides, I filled out 7 weeks ago. It lists the exact problems with the questions, and also notes that I filled out 10 minutes of feedback during the exam.  I'm avoiding giving specific details on here, because even though there are brain dumps available already for this exam, I'm not breaking the exam NDA and giving an easy way out to delete my posts.

    The exam is bad because it has mistakes and out of scope questions. Items are out of scope if Microsoft's Exam Ref book (I don't care who publishes it, its got your logo on it), Microsoft's Exam info page and CBT Nuggets all don't mention or cover a part of it, especially if that part is not Server 2012 for a Server 2012 exam.

    The goal of certification is to say 'This person knows what they are doing, and has the real world knowledge, skills and experience'. With bad questions and out of scope questions, the certification doesn't test any of those, it relies on rote learning, brain dumps and pure luck. Hence why most other IT exams have lab sections, but Microsoft/Prometric doesn't have the technology for that, as proven by 83-640.

    I think in the end, an exam called Designing and Implementing Server 2012, should only ask questions about Server 2012. Its just not practical to learn other products we never use to pass an exam on the one we do.

    | |

    Hi, I am planning to take the 70-448 before it ends on july 31 this year. If I register now before may 31, can I then use the "second shot" in july or is that to late?

  • ImmoRhys
    | |

    I noticed this is front page as a popular post, even though Second Shot has ended, so thought I'd give an update.

    MS refused to refund the exam. After further emails, they bumped the issue to the regional center. The regional center refused to reply for 2 weeks until MS emailed them. They are now trying to get Prometric to do the refund, and Prometric has refused as Microsoft writes the faulty exam, not them. Fair point.

    MS is now escalating the refund. Its like a case study in lack of ownership, lack of process, blame shifting and poor client relations. Check back next month?

  • 795411e4-8f98-4ab1-924d-0a8b27843b3f

    Missed it!! :-(

    I am new to Microsoft certifications process.

    Free Second shot offers likely anytime soon? Or is the current 'Save 15%' on exam package the best deal now?

    Preparing for MCSD Web Applications. Please guide. Thanks!

  • b74d2621-47b5-49b1-9a97-43b7a560afa9


    Does anyone know when the second shot will be back?