Hey! Veronica here. I've just scheduled my pre-TechEd hair appointment, which already makes me more prepared this year than last. But let's talk about YOU.

Do you need another reason to register for and attend TechEd in New Orleans or Madrid this year? For thousands of current and prospective Microsoft Certified Professionals, TechEd is *the* opportunity to access a variety of exam prep resources and to connect with other MCPs and MCTs (trainers).

As just announced by the TechEd event team (North America | Europe), Certification Central will be back at TechEd 2013! In both New Orleans and Madrid, you will find:

  • Free practice tests
  • Free on-demand training, courtesy of MVA
  • Free e-learning courses
  • Free exam prep sessions, led by Microsoft Certified Trainers
  • 50% MCP and MTA exams onsite!

So how do you take advantage of all this? What can you do now?

  • Pre-register for an exam time - Go to the page for your TechEd: North America or Europe (Note the unique test location codes and discount codes for each event!)
    • Yes, you can register onsite, too, but seats are limited, so why not book it now?
  • Add exam prep sessions in your Schedule Builder. 
  • Want to get a head start? Check out the free resources for "90 Days to MCSA" (for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012), or in our online study groups before you go.

Consider this: a shiny new certification could help you get that next job, promotion or raise, and will certainly outlast any trinket from a vendor booth.  Coworker: "How was TechEd? What did you do?"  You: "Oh, it was awesome! Tons of learning, great networking, and I even got certified!"

Are you already an MCP? Talk to your colleagues and fellow attendees about the benefits of certification. Share this blog post with them now. If you use Twitter, don't forget to mention @MSLearning, plus #msTechEd (for New Orleans) or #TEE13 (for Madrid)!

You don't have to just take my word for it. Get the real story from two of your favorite Technical Evangelists, Rick and Joey, in the video below. See you at TechEd soon!