So, did the title of this post grab your attention? I hope so! Briana Roberts and I are launching ACE Chronicles soon, and we need your help! In ACE Chronicles, we reveal our superhero alter egos, but the only way we can to do this is with your help. Throughout this series, we will be investigating candidate questions about exams (from design to development to skills measured to preparation) and Microsoft's certification program and asking for your help along the way. We're hoping you'll come along for the ride and occasionally play our plucky side kick.

Our first mission--yes, we chose to accept it--is to find the best tips and tricks that candidates use to prepare for exams. Briana blogged about this on the ACE blog, but we've only gotten a few responses. Although we have some tips and suggestions that are based on the design and vision of the program (e.g., get hands on experience with the technology), we'd love to include some tried and true, practical, and specific tips beyond the 'practice, practice, practice' mantra. What else do you do to prepare for an exam? Do you watch people performing the tasks? Do you take training? Is it instructor led, online, or self-study? Do you read a book, white paper, TechNet articles? What has worked? What hasn't? I'm really curious about that one!

Imagine that you're new to the program... do you remember what it was like? Wasn't it overwhelming and a little scary? What would you tell yourself about preparing for an exam?

Please post your suggestions here or you can email to Help a superhero, and a future MCP, out! Share some of your lessons learned about exam preparation, and make the launch of ACE Chronicles amazing--because that's what I know you're waiting for... 'something amazing, I guess' [for those of you who know that movie Big Smile].