Change and a New 'Born to Learn' Blogger

Thomas Dawkins - Microsoft Learning

For many, change is disruptive. While others look at change as an opportunity, change is either viewed as positive or negative and very seldom neutral. Over the past two years, Microsoft Learning has reached out to industry groups, trainers, partners, IT professionals and developers to get their thoughts, direction and feedback on the future of technology learning.  These discussions were highly valuable helping us understand the changes that we needed to make as a company to better support the technology learning needs of our customers.

From our discussions and research completed last year, we introduced a new vision of how current or new technology professionals can gain one of the most credible certification in the industry. This vision pushed us to create a simpler certification path so those who want a credible industry certification would start with basic technology knowledge and for those who are seasoned technology professionals, they can upgrade their current Microsoft certification to our newest certifications. Microsoft Learning also put back into place several of our most valued certifications into the market, MCSE and MCSD that set the expertise bar for those technology professionals who possess the experience and knowledge to be called an expert.

Hello my name is Thomas Dawkins, I am a part of this new technical learning vision at Microsoft. I am a Sr. Certification Product Manager and have been with Microsoft for almost 15 years. I have over 30 years in the IT industry with a diverse background holding roles as a programmer, auditor and IT manager. Before coming to Microsoft, I was a MCSE and became a MCT to help others become experts in their field. Over the next several months, I will talk about the changes we've made to the Microsoft Learning certification program and how technology professionals, Microsoft Partners, recruiters and business owners are already seeing value in our certification program today.  I will also be announcing new certifications, updates and retirements as a part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to keep you informed.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.