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The 6th annual Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro IT Skills & Salary Report is now available—and this year’s report is well worth your attention. More than 12,000 North American IT Pros responded—the largest survey of its kind in the industry—revealing the impact that training and certification has on one’s career path.   

 Here are just a few of the insightful findings in the report: 

Training and certification make a difference in compensation. The survey reflects that, through skills training and certification, IT pros took on new job responsibilities, and as a result of their expanded role and duties, they also earned more. 

  • More than 80% of the respondents claimed that training was a positive factor for their career path and, more times than not, new skills also meant more money. 
  • Respondents who engaged in training were twice more likely than the average to see a raise of 11% or higher. 
  • Those who had achieved a certification within the last 12 months were likely to receive even more significant raises. 

Want a raise? Salary increases are more likely in such roles as front-line IT managers, analysts, systems architects, and engineers, and those in applications and development, security, servers, and storages—roles that also map to certification paths.

  • Project managers who gain additional training make an average of $6,300 more than those who don’t.  Support technicians who achieve certification make 16% more than their counterparts who aren’t certified.

IT Pros are pursuing certification. Respondents have a tendency to make certification a practice because of its financial and career benefits.  

  • Half of the IT respondents have earned a new certification within the past two years. 
  • Two-thirds reporting say that they are currently pursuing certification or have plans to do so in the next 12 months.  
  • This trend is even more pronounced for those who have already gained certification within the last two years. 

Get the complete IT salary survey report now.

For those of you considering certification for the first time, the findings can provide the incentive to take the first step-- visit 90 Days to MCSA for an action plan to get trained and certified, and give your career the boost you deserve.

  • Brian Duhn
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    Very Cool! Thanks for sharing this!

    Next week I'm giving two presentations, promoting Microsoft certifications and the MCT program. This fresh data will be a great reference. :)