[Infographic] Visualizing the IT cloud skills gap

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

When we asked global market intelligence firm IDC to investigate the state of IT jobs in cloud computing, even those of us close to industry trends were surprised by the findings. 1.7 million unfilled cloud-related jobs in 2012. 7 million open cloud positions within the next three years. A near-crisis in IT hiring circles to find qualified candidates with essential experience, training and certification.

As illustrated in the infographic below, it all adds up to a world of opportunity. For companies struggling to fill cloud-related jobs, the next few years will be challenging; however for future and current IT professionals, career prospects couldn't be brighter.

That's why we produced this month's live event, Microsoft Certified Career Day 2013, where IT and cloud professionals gathered to discuss how the cloud is redefining IT jobs; and launched 90 Days to MCSA, a free program with the roadmap, tools and community support to get you cloud-certified in just three months. It all adds up to a clear view of your future: now's the right time to close the "IT Cloud skills gap" and get trained, get certified, and get hired. 

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 Explore new statistics on the growth of cloud computing and opportunities for cloud-skilled IT professionals

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  • Paul Dash
    | |

    Hi Veronica,

    Would you mind if I use this content for an upcoming IT career conference, where I will be presenting topics related to "the cloud", including Windows Azure?

    Might you have the source images? I will of course cite Microsoft Learning as the source.



  • Marius Sandbu
    | |

    I suggest that Microsoft should move towards this as well, I see that Comptia for instance already has a certification regarding Cloud and more and more partners are headed that way. Shouldn't Microsoft make some Cloud certifications regarding (SaaS, IaaS ? ) Not talking about O365 but Azure.

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @Paul - Yes, you're welcome to use the infographic in your presentation, with proper citing or link back. :)  The PDF download link is right above the image above. You can also grab the embed codes for your blog.

    Let us know how your conference goes!


  • 8903642a-9c32-4e64-b738-cbaab5f22236

    Hi Veronica, I have no IT degree and have not worked in the IT industry however I have a great interest in computers and developed a good knowledge of them. Should I learn this course? Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @richiemurphy - If you're new to IT, I would highly recommend exploring the Microsoft Technology Associate certification. It covers foundational IT knowledge and skills, and offers tracks in infrastructure, database and development. Please see this web page for more details: http://aka.ms/MTA

  • 8903642a-9c32-4e64-b738-cbaab5f22236

    Thank you Veronica. I would like to get in cloud computing in particular. Which courses should I take in order to get to progress to that stage. I was was going to start with MTA98-349? Then which cou

    rses?thanks again for your help

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    @richiemurphy - "The cloud" touches many (if not all) current technologies, so the question is: which technologies interest you the most? Do you want to focus on infrastructure, database or development? MTA makes all these tracks available with 12 different exams. You just need to pick one and go for it! :)

    Download the visual guide to MTA certifications at download.microsoft.com/.../MTA_Cert_Pathway.pdf