Answering Questions Related to Beta Exam Score Reporting

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

One of the key steps when developing a psychometrically sound, valid, and reliable exam is the beta process. We rely on candidates who have skills and experience that map to the target audience to sit the first version of the exam. As these candidates take the exam, they leave a footprint that I'm able follow to evaluate the psychometric characteristics of each item. Is the item too easy? Too hard? Or, as Goldilocks would say "just right?" Does the item differentiate between high and low performers? Is it technically accurate? Is it keyed correctly? These are but a few of the questions I'm able to answer based on the data we obtain through the beta process. Because this data drives the final decisions about which items meet Microsoft's psychometric criteria, candidates who take the exam during this phase do not receive a score immediately; they must wait until the data have been analyzed and evaluated, the item pool finalized, and exams are rescored (only the items that are retained in the final item pool are scored).

However, there has been a lot of confusion about how and when candidates will receive their scores. Over the past few months, we've worked with Prometric to clarify the beta exam communications you receive at the end of the exam and better set expectations related to how quickly Prometric can apply the rescore process, upload your results into their and Microsoft's transcript, and mail printed score reports. The communications that you receive at the end of a beta exam have been updated to reflect these clarifications.

When can you expect your beta results?

Results for beta exams should be visible on your Microsoft transcript (if you've received a passing score) and on the Prometric site within two weeks after the exam's live publication date. You should receive your printed score report by mail within eight weeks after the exam's live publication date. This date can be found on the Exam Details page for that exam on

Whom do you contact if you have questions concerning beta exam results?

If you do not receive your printed score report within eight weeks of the exam's live publication date, contact Prometric ( for more information on when your results will be processed. If you have questions about your transcript, contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center (

We also have an "Ask a Certification Expert" video on this topic. Check it out here!


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    Great video Liberty! It's like VH1's popup videos...with funny commentary. I always have wondered why it takes 8 or more weeks to get a score for a beta exam and this gives great insight! Thanks.