We’re headin’ out to select cities and venues across North America and quite possibly some of Europe too. Yup – we had such a great time during our online event we’ve decided to take it out on the road over the next couple of months.

Why? It’s two fold. 

First: we’re out to dispel a lot of myths and misconceptions about Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 by having frank conversations and answering your questions. Yes – listening and answering what you want to know about Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

  • What problems do they solve for you
  • Why you should implement them
  • How to integrate into your environments.

Secondly: we’re very interested in gathering your feedback about how we’re doing, what you like and don’t like about Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and what you’d like to tell the product teams to help improve these products. We’ll be taking notes and documenting them along the way in order to share them with the product teams and program teams back at HQ.

So what are the details? We’re partnering up with various training organizations and Microsoft Learning Partners in order to be on hand to lead a discussion targeted at experienced IT Pros who want to ask technical questions regarding Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. This exclusive session features Joey Snow and me (Rick Claus) engaging in dialog, debate and demos shaped by a global audience of esteemed IT Pros. These are FREE events but capacity is limited and registration is required.

Are we hitting a city / location near you? Register to reserve your spot. Links will become active as dates and locations are confirmed. As our seats are filled – we’ll close off the links and update the list.

  • Dallas – March 14th, 9AM-12PM
  • Kansas City – March 19th, 9AM-12PM
  • San Antonio – April 23rd, 9AM-12PM
  • Austin – April 25th, 1PM-4PM
  • Denver -- April 30th 9AM-12PM
  • Fort Worth, TX - May 2nd, 9AM-12PM
  • Chicago – May 7th 9AM-12PM AND 1:30PM-4:30PM
  • Madison, Wisconsin – May 9th (CONFIRMED)
  • Chicago - May 9th, 1PM-4PM
  • Boise – May 21st, 5PM-8PM (CONFIRMED)
  • UK / Europe – Week of June 17th (TBD)

Don’t see your city listed? These ones were selected in partnership with Microsoft Certified Trainer community and Learning Partners we had pre-existing relationships with. We hope to extend the tour to more cities near you based on the interest generated in this round. Tell your fellow IT Pros about what we’re up to and encourage them to sign up!

Remember: We’re only a group of TWO taking this on in partnership with Microsoft Learning and we can only hit so many cities unless we get approved for the “space-time-continuum-manipulation” device we asked for.