Microsoft Certification Study Groups debut on Born to Learn

Leann Turpin (Microsoft)

What’s your learning style?

Are you a meticulous note taker (lots of scribbles in the margin)? Do you like to load up on caffeine and pull an all-night study or lab session? Do you need to interact with peers to keep you motivated and help with retention? Regardless of your personal learning style, we hope you’ll find (and contribute) great resources in the new Microsoft Certification Study Groups on Born to Learn.

What’s your certification path?

The study groups are arranged by technology pillar (Client, Database, Developer, and Server), so you’ll easily locate content specific to your certification path by technology. For example, if you are interested in Windows Server certifications you can visit the Server Certification Study Group and select the resources for the exams that are relevant to you based on where you are on your path.


What’s in it for you?

As you can see, there are discussion forums and exam prep wikis for each exam. You can ask questions in the forums and get answers from your peers or the moderators (Microsoft Certified Trainers or subject matter experts selected from the community).

The exam prep wikis will provide you with a list of general prep materials, as well as specific resources mapped to the exam objectives that other MCP community members have found relevant and helpful. New content is being added on an ongoing basis, so you may want to subscribe to these pages for updates.


What do you do next?

This exciting new space has been built for you and your success. You can help us and the MCP community make it even better! How?

  • Participate in the forums.
    Ask lots of questions, and answer questions from others, too.
    Note: We do have some moderator positions still open, so if you have any interest in becoming a moderator for a specific exam or series of exams, click on the ‘Moderator Position Open’ links within the forums and wikis.

  • Add helpful resources to the wiki pages.
    While we are constantly updating and adding new content that we think may be helpful for you, if you have resources that you found particularly awesome and useful, don’t be shy - share them with your peers.
  • Tell your friends.
    If you have friends and colleagues who are working on obtaining a certification from Microsoft, or if you think they should be, let them know about these study groups and maybe even challenge each other with the 90 Days to MCSA Challenge.
  • Send us your feedback.
    This space is for you and the MCP community, and we all strive to make it great. If you have suggestions, requests, comments, or kudos, send them our way.


Check out the new study groups today!


Contributed by: Leann Turpin - Site Manager for the Microsoft Training and Certification community site, Born to Learn. Stay tuned for more exciting content and updates from your Born to Learn team!

  • Wayne Hoggett
    | |

    Hi Leann,

    I can't seem to find out how to add content to the Wiki. I've been blogging about 70-247 and would like to share my resources. What am I missing?

  • Leann Turpin (Microsoft)
    | |

    Hi Wayne,

    Under the navigation tabs, you will see links for Article, Edit, History. If you click 'Edit' you'll be able to add your resources in the appropriate location(s) on the page and then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you're done. Let me know if you need further assistance.

  • Wayne Hoggett
    | |

    Hi Leann,

    Thanks for your reply. On the 70-247 wiki page I have the Article and History tabs, but no Edit tab :( . I am signed in using my Microsoft Account.

  • Leann Turpin (Microsoft)
    | |


    I think I've resolved this for you. Please try again and sorry for the inconvenience! Love that you are eager to share with the community! :)

  • Wayne Hoggett
    | |

    Yep, all good. Cheers.

    | |

    Hi, I'm trying to ask a question in the forums but there is no way to do that. How can i post a new thread in the forums?

  • sushil gupta
    | |

    Yup..There is no way I can ask some question in a forum? If I create new post it always goes in "Developer blog" only post there. I cannot change it. don't know whats going on here.

  • Jill Tucker
    | |

    Hi, I am unable to download the 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Student Study Guide. I get to the screen where the Download button is located and click it but then it takes me to a blank page and nothing downloads. Can anyone help?!