A Look Ahead: What Has Microsoft's Exam Development Team Done for You Lately?

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Have you been paying attention to Born to Learn lately? If you have, you may have noticed that we just launched a few very cool additions to the blog related to exam development. First, we now have an ACE Team Blog (for those of you knew to Microsoft Certifications, 'ACE' is Microsoft Learning's exam development team...ACE--one the many acronyms at Microsoft--stands for 'Assessments and Certification Exams'), that you can find here

Second, most of you know me as the face of ACE--occasionally, you see other people from my team posting to Born to Learn, but mostly it's me. I love connecting with you, hearing what's on your mind, etc. As Microsoft's Psychometrician, I'm the expert on all things exam at Microsoft, so if you have questions, I've got answers--I can't always tell you those answers, but I'll always do what I can. Now, I want to introduce you to someone who will be actively joining me in the blogosphere--Briana Roberts. If you go to the ACE Team blog, you will see two posts from her that I want to highlight just in case you're not hooked into the aggregate RSS feed from Born to Learn (I have to admit that I wasn't and totally missed these posts!), which brings me to another addition to Born to Learn--the First Look Forum. Rather than repeat all the details in this post, I'll let Briana do the talking. We kicked the forum off with a bang--we have posted examples of several new question types that we are planning to pilot over the next few months. Let us know what you think! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Finally, a look ahead... Briana also posted about a project that we're working on together: ACE Chronicles. You want to pay attention to this one. We are having a blast planning this twist on the Ask a Certification Expert (ACE) Video Series that was so popular last year. This is another great opportunity to get answers to your questions, so let us know what you wondering about... Take a minute to 'meet' Briana, and stay tuned for the first edition of ACE Chronicles. I can hardly wait... will it whet your appetite to know that superheroes might be involved!?!


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  • markus_hengstler
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    Hi exam development Team,

    I took 70-341 last Saturday and really liked the format of questions about cmdlets. This makes it much harder!