My Road to Certification: Meet Guido van Brakel

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

MS ID: 6031299

Location: The Netherlands 

Twitter: @guidovbrakel  


 My jobs seem to lead to certification and then my certifications seem to lead to new roles.  It’s been a cycle of opportunity over the years.

I began achieving certification when I participated in Microsoft IT Academy while studying for my Bachelor of Science degree. That certification helped me land a job at the third largest bank in the Netherlands where my manager was a firm believer in certification; launching a program to certify everyone for MCSE: Windows Server 2003.

 I’m currently working on a design for System Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and plan to take that exam end of this month.

I’ve developed some best practices over the years that have allowed me to achieve my certifications:  practice, practice, practice! There are no short cuts to certification.

Guido’s Tips:

1) Create a lab and test repeated to gain proficiency.

2) Don’t give up if something doesn’t work right away.  Spend the extra time troubleshooting until the answer reveals itself.  It’s always there! 

3) Get a clear grasp of the exam objectives.  There are so many resources at your disposal that will help you reach your goal, like TechNet and many of the TechNet blogs.

  • Jos van Vegchel
    | |

    Hi Guido very nice to see you here. I signed myself up for the 90 days MCSA. I don't need to certify me ( I'm MCSA 2012 Charter member) but may be I can help.


  • Frank Gartland
    | |

    Hey Guido! Great post and congratulations on all your progress. As you know, I always love hearing from you during Jump Starts and hope you're finding the content on MVA helpful. Talk soon!