MC ID—7801993

Location: United States

Twitter: @mattgrif  



My Microsoft Certification path began in 2010 when I was told that obtaining my MCTS: Windows 7, Configuring certification would lead to a significant pay increase. I was always encouraged to get certified by my employer but it was really the incentive of a pay raise that moved me to act. Since that time, I’ve passed 11 exams, and a number of those were certifications I chose to peruse out of interest.

Since my initial certification, I’ve moved from being a Desktop Support Technician to a Server Administrator at a managed services/consulting company. I have to credit my Microsoft certifications for making me more marketable. They demonstrate to potential employers and Microsoft Partners the depth of my knowledge and experience.


Matt’s Tips:

1) Make sure you select an exam that’s interesting to you. 

2) Look up the topics that are tested. You can find tons of study material with simple searches on those topics and they tend to be other MCP’s personal IT blog post.

3) Setup a lab and play with the technology while you are studying it.