A Visual Guide to Windows Server Training and Certification

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

 “What’s next?” It’s a question we all ask ourselves at points in our career path, whether choosing an area of focus in our studies, looking for a first job, or transitioning to a new field. It’s no different when training in Microsoft technologies: sometimes, you just wish someone would show you a clear path to reach your goals.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll present a series of infographics that give you a step-by-step visual view of Microsoft training and certification, designed to help guide and inspire your journey. Each infographic gives you a clear path through a particular certification and career destination. 

Windows Server 2012: Your Path to Success

Our debut infographic steps through your journey to Windows Server 2012 certification. Get started with free resources to help you learn the basics about Windows Server 2012. Then, select the certification path for your experience. As you move along the path, choose the type of training that fits your learning style and schedule and prepare for your first—or next—exam to reach your certification and career goal. 

The image below opens a full size image, which includes clickable content (links, icons) that point you to additional information. Feel free to save, share, print, post, tweet, pin, like, recommend or blog the infographic as you see fit—it’s a resource that we hope you’ll find useful now and down the road.

(click  the image to view the full-sized interactive graphic)

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<a href='http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/btl/b/weblog/archive/2012/12/04/a-visual-view-of-microsoft-training-and-certification-windows-server-2012.aspx'><img src='http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-components-userfiles/00-00-02-91-93-Attached%20Files/2476.msl_5F00_certificationpaths_5F00_final_5F00_5.png' width='500'></a><br/><a href='http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/btl/p/winservercertpath.aspx'>Windows Server Certification and Career Paths</a>
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  • sgomez.5pe.com
    | |

    Help! I have clicked on the image to view the full-sized interactive graphic, and all I get is a white blank space. I am using Internet Explorer Version 8.0.7601.17514

  • Ayman El-Ghazali
    | |

    Nice... wish we had one for SQL Server ;)

  • Deepak Puri
    | |


    As with the sql.server visual guide, please fix this one to be more readable as far as magnification is concerned.

    Again thanks for the aid.

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
    | |

    I've now added this in a PDF for you to download and share. Get it at the end of the blog post!

  • AlexVB
    | |

    Hi Veronica, i am from Ecuador, made a few many courses for Windows Server 2003 and 2008, AD, deployment and Exchange 2003 - 2010

    Never tried certification exam and now i wish start, what do you suggest to me? where can i learn on line for free to give theses exams and gain MSCA certification?

    Thank yoy very much

  • David Lewis
    | |

    These infographics are great for fast-faced people like us - thanks!