Cloud Ready Around The World

Alison Cunard

As a long-term Microsoft employee with extensive field expertise, the opportunity to take on a global role with Microsoft Learning was very exciting.  It lends itself to my personal passion for learning, connection to the field and to my desire to see change in the world and to people’s lives through technology.

Over the last month, I had the opportunity to travel to keynote two of our Leaning Partner conferences. While in India, I announced an exciting partnership with NIIT in which over the next three years we will train 1 million IT Professionals to be cloud-ready.

The partnership with NIIT represents what we in technology know and feel around the world. This is an unprecedented time of growth for Microsoft, our partners and the industry. The cloud presents incredible opportunity for people globally to build skills and secure jobs. According to IDC, by 2015 there will be more than 14 million available cloud related jobs in the technology sector. The current skill gap, partnered with an unprecedented product launch cycle will challenge our global team to be as efficient and relevant as we ever have been in our content development, delivery mechanism and ease of use strategy. We will also continue to focus on our ability to scale to meet industry needs; you will further see us establishing large-scale partnerships around the world over the coming months.

I was impressed with how connected our teams are to our core business and excited by the optimism they share for what the future holds in their own country. It was clear in all the areas visited that certifications play an important role in providing a clear roadmap for IT Pros and Developers and that government is highly invested in training their citizens.

More to come.