Instant Replay: Secrets to IT Career Success - Tweetchats with Buck Woody

Veronica Sopher - Microsoft

We were thrilled to feature Buck Woody for two tweetchat sessions on August 28. We talked about everything from ideas for aspiring DBAs to mentorship, from continuous learning to blogging tips and community involvement. Buck shared many resources and retweetable sound bites. If you were able to join us live, thank you for your contribution to the great chat. If you missed it... fear not. Below are replays of both tweetchats.

Bonus question: What do you think about all the tweetchats we've done so far? Is there a guest you'd like to see featured next? Please post suggestions in a comment below. Thanks!


Replay of session 1 - RSS feed


Replay of session 2 - RSS feed



  • Guido van Brakel
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    I would like to see Jeffrey Snover as a guest, also Steve Ballmer.