Developers Needed! Participate in the Visual Studio 2012 Beta Exam Process

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)

Do you have experience using Visual Studio 2012? Want to help me determine which the questions that will appear on certification exam? If so, I have just the thing for you! We currently have seven Visual Studio 2012 certification exams in beta. By using the code in the table below, you can take the beta exam for free. But HURRY! The seats are available on a first come, first served basis, and the opportunity to take them for free will expire when all of the seats have been filled or on the expiration dates listed below (we've extended some of these dates), whichever comes first. To register for one of these exams, go to:, and follow the prompts.



Codes Expire

481: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript



482: Advanced Metro style App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript



483: Programming in C#



484: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using C#



485: Advanced Metro style App Development using C#



486: Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications



487: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services



To learn more about the certifications that you can earn by taking these exams (and yes, if you pass the required exams in beta, you will earn the associated certification!), see Krista's post. Good luck!

If you have any questions about the beta process, let me know!

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    They are available for free in all countries except India, China, Pakistan, and Turkey. When you register, look for exams with the '71' prefix, which indicates beta exam.

  • tangurena
    | |

    I took 2 of the exams last weekend, but I didn't see a place to comment on the wording of the pre-exam survey. The survey for 486/487 is asking for your experience with "Visual Studio 11", while the rest of the exam is testing skill on "Visual Studio 2012". Small error, and not in an area that's really important, but will confuse some folks.

  • pankaj_gogoi
    | |

    Thank you. I am from India so I won't be able to take the Exam.

  • ead9f683-9359-4de4-a852-027fed607aaf

    Where I can use this code?

    I choose exam, choose seat avaiability and now I have payment site. I can't see where I can use this code.

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    Enter it when prompted for payment. Thanks!

  • Pseudocode
    | |

    Thanks!! i try  the exam 485: Advanced Metro style App Development using C# ... are there any Beta Material available or something like that to learn for this ?

  • turibbio
    | |

    Hi, can I take an exam after the expire date (also if I'll schedule it right now)? Thanks!

  • boomport
    | |

    Is there study material available for these beta certifications??

  • Gregory Pilar
    | |


    The promo code for 483: Programming in C# is out,  are more coming ? :P

  • Deepak Puri
    | |

    i arrived at the prometric 10mins late, the test centre guy didnt let me sit for the exam. Can I still take the exam at a later date?

  • eralperyilmaz
    | |

    Hello Liberty, I want to take these beta exams. Unfortunately they are not valid in Turkey!!!

    If there is a problem with security of the exam questions, this is a problem of exam centers. Why as developers and administrators we have to suffer this punishment, I can not understand.

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    pseudocode--all the prep materials that MSL has available can be found in the prep guide. Other options include reviewing the skills tested (also in the prep guide) and then practicing them and/or reading about them in MSDN, TechNet, or white papers.

    Prep guides are here:


  • Dragon Yi
    | |

    Could you reopen the 71-483? I got 484 & 485 but would like to take 483 to complete the set. Thanks.

  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    Although the beta codes that allow you to take 483 at no cost are no longer available, you can still take this exam at any time. The cost is the same as it would be at any other time, and you register in the same way as you would for any exam.


  • Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
    | |

    I should mention that my previous comment applies to all beta exams, not just 483. Although the free seats may have been exhausted, you can take any of these exams at any time at the same cost as you would any other exam.

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