For some weird reason, my embedded links weren't working when I published this blog originally. Here it is again with the URLs provided. I have no idea what happened here... HUGE THANKS to Rogerio for letting me know!

I hope that you all know by now that you can "experience" each of the question types (or, in psychometric parlance, 'item types') that you might see on any of our exams by going here: Each video provides a quick tutorial on the question type, its various features and functionality, and how to answer it if you see an item like it on the exam. As you know, we recently introduced a new item type, short answer code (, and I'm happy to announce that its tutorial is now available.

In addition, we have updated some of the other tutorials to reflect changes that we've made to some of our item types (e.g., remember my last blog post about eating my own dog food--these changes are reflected in these updates) and streamlined the page so you can easily find the tutorial for the item type that you're interested in (although it's worth watching all of them as you prepare for an exam!).

Even if you've taken one of our exams in the past, I encourage you to visit this site and watch the videos ( on the different item types that you might encounter on an exam. We generally do not identify the item types that you'll see on any of our exams because we expect you to understand the exam content, regardless of how it is presented. That being said, you should expect a combination of item types on your exams, and the better you understand how to interact with our item types--what you need to do to answer them--the better prepared you will be for the exam...and the more time you can spend focusing on the content of the question rather than on the mechanics of how to answer it can only benefit you in the long run.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch these videos ( I look forward to hearing what you think!