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As part of 20 Years|20 Ways, we’re encouraging IT pros to inspire the next generation of IT pros by sharing their stories. Each week, we’re giving away free ebooks and one Kindle to those who submit the most inspiring stories.

Here are two stories from the dozens that have been submitted:

“As with most folks, I started my career in the unloved helpdesk.  Most of my time was spent on basic Office questions.  There had to be some way to trend down the curve.  As the IT trainer, I knew that  getting my users skilled-up was the answer.  First, I had to prove that I knew what I was doing.  MOS 2003 entered my life.  I obtained my certification and implemented an Office training program that decreased helpdesk tickets dramatically. The MOS certification wasn’t cool among other IT pros but it helped me to solve my helpdesk problems.  What I didn’t know then was that MOS was to be the cornerstone of my future. My career and certification history follows a natural progression from Office to Server to SharePoint.  Today, I’m a consultant that supports Fortune 500 companies in finding creative solutions using SharePoint.  Those early certifications serve me well by building trust when clients are able look back and see that I too started with the basics.” Terri Dowell

“Ever since passing my first certification exam I have not stopped.  I now hold more than 20 different certs including Microsoft Office Master Certification.  I now have the ability to move up in the world.  I have not used my certifications to advance my career just yet.  I am now working on an AS degree in Computer Science.  Getting these certifications has inspired me to further my education.  The interest that was sparked inside of me has not stopped and it won't stop till I reach my goal.  After meeting my goals, I hope to become a network engineer.  Microsoft certification is a great way to prove your knowledge and a starting point to further that knowledge.  Thanks to the certification programs, I am on my way to a better and more rewarding career.  Thanks Microsoft.” John Romero

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