Have you been enjoying the "Ask a Certification Expert" videos? I've been having a great time working with my team to film them! And, I love, love, love it when it's my turn to be on camera! By now, you have probably caught on to our cadence for releasing videos (every Friday!). Today's video touches on one of the four ways we gather feedback about our exams from our candidates--the comment process...not to give too much away, but we do actually read your comments. Check out the video to learn more! 

Of course, I'm having so much fun with this that many more videos are planned, and your questions will be answered over the next few months. But, if you have a question that you want answered now, no need to wait. Here's another opportunity for you to get those burning questions answered. I will be hosting a Tweetchat on May 16 at 7am - 8 am PT and May 17 at 7pm - 8pm PT. This is my first time tweeting (seriously...my phone doesn't even get text messages...yes, I'm totally serious), so I'm hoping you'll join me to help make my initiation into the world of tweeting a successful one. I will answer questions related to our certification exams--how we develop them, how you can get involved, different question types you might see on an exam, how we're making them more rigorous, how the changes to our certification program are impacting our exam content, and so on. Maybe I'll even share a picture of Zenith, my wonder dog! If there's something you want to know about our exams, I'm the person to ask!

To participate, follow @MSLearning and hastag #20yrs20ways. You've been following our videos...now's your chance to ask me questions live. I hope to tweet with you soon!

And don't forget that you can always submit a question for an ACE video by commenting to this blog or sending an email to mslcd@microsoft.com. I have a long list of questions for us to film, but I would love to add yours to that list!