Today's IT professionals require the skills to design, implement and maintain complex solutions that meet business needs and create a competitive advantage for their companies. For example, to deploy and manage a private cloud solution, you need expertise in at least Windows Server Platform, System Center, and Virtualization. The way that you can prove that you have this expertise to hiring managers is through the Microsoft Certification Program.

Up until now, the Microsoft Certification Program has been predicated on specific technologies. Thus using the earlier example of private cloud expertise you would have to complete three technology specific certification tracks. This would have resulted in you earning at least the MCITP Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008, MCITP Virtualization Administrator on Windows Server 2008 R2, and MCTS Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Configuration. Even after earning these credentials, you might still have to convince your prospective employer that these demonstrate competency in the technologies pertinent to private cloud solutions.
The new solutions-oriented Microsoft Certification Program, released on the April 11, 2012, aligns competencies with business needs making it much easier for technical and non-technical hiring managers to translate your certifications to their needs. Referring back to the earlier example, now you earn a single certification—Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Private Cloud. The improved Microsoft Certification Program is a win-win for you and potential employers. Your skills are more marketable and more easily identifiable, and means you are better positioned to quickly find a rewarding job. The employer wins because they are able to more quickly identify the right candidate and have confidence in their ability to deliver value.
I work for New Signature, an innovative IT consulting firm in the Washington, D.C metro area that has doubled in size in the last year. This growth means that we're constantly evaluating new talent to join our dynamic team of experts. We look for candidates who have demonstrated expertise across an array of related technologies that align with specific solutions. Our experts need to deliver Microsoft solutions in on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid environments. We are super excited about the new Microsoft Certification Program, because it supports and reinforces our hiring strategy.
With single-technology certifications it was easy to tell if one was current, because they included the version, e.g., Exchange 2010. With solutions such as private cloud, Office 365, etc., this is more difficult because they lack version numbers. For that reason, the new solutions-focused certifications will require recertification. This is perfect for IT professionals who pride themselves on maintaining knowledge of the latest technologies and great for hiring managers who rely on certifications to demonstrate technical competency.

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