SQL Server Special Ops Tour – Live in Chicago

Pete Harris [MSL]

The SQL Server 2012 Special Ops Tour made a swing through Chicago today (where it was unseasonably 75 degrees and beautiful for my video intro).  We had another great crowd of almost 150 SQL enthusiasts, and another great reaction to the new features in SQL Server 2012.  I met several folks with various certifications.  Today’s video, however, takes a different approach and I spoke with Simon and Arjun who aren’t certified yet, but are considering getting certified on the new version of SQL Server.  We’ve heard a variety of motivators from people who have found better networking opportunities, doors that open to meet new clients, and folks who have increased their hourly billable rate.  What anecdotal benefits do you find with your certification?

  • wsantosf
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    Great event - loved getting in touch with all the microsofties who are directly involved with things. Which brings me to 2 suggestions for the new certification exams: 1) require test centers to have a mouse with scroll wheel. 2) deploy exams for higher resolution monitors and require test centers to supply them - it's annoying having to scroll up/down on those long questions, especially when we need to compare multiple similar pieces of code.