Happy 20th from Cert Talk!

J. Seymour (Microsoft)
I’d sing but don’t you have to pay someone to use that birthday song?
This episode of Cert Talk takes a moment to reflect on 20 years of certification and then looks forward. I have Don Field, Sr. Director for Microsoft Learning on to talk about past, present and future certification. Then after a 20th anniversary Chris Avis segment, my good friend and fellow Product Planner for Certification, Jim Clark, stops by to talk about our new Private Cloud certification and what 20 years of certification has meant to him. Plus, look out for this episodes secret passcodes which are a bit easy to spot, to be honest.
You can view episode 3 on TechNet Radio here. Or enjoy it on the privacy of your own computer in a variety of delightful formats: WMV | MP4 | WMV (ZIP) | PSP  Though, even when you download it, we are still squished. Hopefully next time we’ll be at least as tall as we are wide!
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    Happy Birth Day  to MS Cert......

    looking forward for more exam certification on cloud computing.

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    Happy Birthday to You will pass to public domain in 2030.

  • J. Seymour (Microsoft)
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    MrB.: I learn something new every day! It will be nice to see sitcoms not have to come up with something else to sing on air.