Check out our new Snack demonstrating our wider variety of question types!

Krista Wall (Microsoft)

Over the last year, Microsoft Learning’s exam development team has been doing some really awesome work to incorporate more types of questions into our exams. We added these question types in order to make our exams more real-world and relevant. And that’s a benefit to you because when our certifications are perceived as more real world, relevant, and rigorous in the market, then the fact that you’ve earned one is more meaningful. Let’s not forget that these new question types are actually more interesting and fun to answer, too.

Some of these question types are oldies but goodies that our most tenured MCPs will recognize: for example, Choose All That Apply and Best Answer. Some of these question types, such as Extended Matching and Code Case Studies, are ones we've never used before.

It’s important to note that although these new and revived question types may feel more difficult to you than regular multiple choice items, they are testing the same exact skills as before. A qualified candidate should be able to demonstrate those skills, regardless of the manner in which the question is presented. I can’t tell you exactly which objectives include which question types. I can tell you that you’ll be seeing a wider variety of question types on all our exams than you may have in the recent past.

So how can you see what these new question types look like before you take an exam? That’s easy. Check out our new Snack that demonstrates how these question types function. This new Snack complements our existing Certification Exam Demo. If you’re going to be taking an exam in the near future, I’d recommend that you have a look at both the new Microsoft Certification Exam Demo: New Innovative Item Types Snack and the original Microsoft Certification Exam Demo Snack. If you’re nervous about what to expect on our exams or haven’t taken an exam in a while, these Snacks will give you a good overview of what you might see on our exams so you’ll feel better prepared. You can find both Snacks here.

J Seymour and Liberty Munson discussed some of these question types in the first episode of our new TechNet Radio show, Cert Talk. If you haven’t viewed it already, you should really check that out, too!

  • Umapathy
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    Krista Wall, will you please make the video downloadable and playable offline. I am on an airtel hsdpa (3g dongle) connection. I am experiencing difficulties in playing video online (I have sliverlight). I hope that you can understanding the difficulties in developing countries especially the  internet connection.

  • Veronica Sopher - Microsoft
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    Hi Umapathy - Krista is out on holiday now. We hope to hear from her again on B2L blog after January 4, 2012. Thanks for your patience.

  • Umapathy
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    Hi Veronica Sopher, thanks for the information. I also checked but still I couldn't download sliverlight tutorials.