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Many of the search articles I've been reading lately are all about designing and creating a search front end. Although this is a very important part of a successful enterprise search solution, even the prettiest search front end will quickly be abandoned if it doesn't produce good search results.

As a system administrator, there are few things you can do to ensure the search page not only looks good, but produces high quality results.

  • Divide your searchable content into different content sources. This allows you to manage and control the content at a finer level of detail.
  • Define a crawl schedule for each content source. Your crawl schedules should consider whether a full or incremental crawl is needed, and how often the content should be crawled. Crawl the most important data more frequently.
  • Define start addresses that specifically target high quality documents. So rather than provide a top level web address, drill down and locate the specific information you need.
  • Encourage users to archive or delete older documents. Identify poor quality content and isolate it from the search indexes.
  • Create item metadata and encourage users to fill out the metadata. Adding item information like authors, dates, titles, and organization can be used in targeting searches.
  • Create refiners on the most important metadata. Grouping documents by author or type is a quick and easy way to locate items.
  • Create a ranking profile that emphasizes the freshness of the documents so the most current information is retrieved.
  • Review search reports to determine the most popular search terms. Create keywords, promoted documents, and best bets to direct the searchers.

Taking a little extra time upfront to configure your content sources can make a big difference in the quality of your search results. To learn more about improving content quality, navigate to and register for a class or contact an Education Consultant at for more information. See you in class!


Cindy Staley, MCT

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    Excellent educative post!! I found here useful knowledge about enterprise search solution. I hope by following these results, I can improve my content quality. Thanks