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  • Anonymous
    | |

    It's telling that when you check the box for "Virtualization certifications" and it presents you with a list of about 20 certifications, most of which I've never heard of, the MCITP: Virtualization Administrator and the MCTS exams for Hyper-V aren't listed.

  • Wayne Hoggett
    | |

    @OtherKevin - That ain't cool, I have the MCTS Virtualisation cert...

  • Anonymous
    | |

    How do you think I feel?  I have the MCITP for server virtualization.

  • BossFan
    | |

    Ouch! Good catch, OtherKevin. I don't think it's anything to read into, but it certainly as an omission--we'll let our friends at GK know.


  • Anonymous
    | |

    Thanks Ken.  I'd be very interested in seeing how that particular certification has impacted people's salaries.  There's some great stuff coming in VMM 2012 and Windows 8 Server for virtualization, and there has been some increased demand for Microsoft virtualization products, but there's still that 800lb gorilla looking over our shoulders.

  • drsutton
    | |

    Haha - I noticed it also but I just added it manually under OTHER

    also noticed they finally added Juniper that they offer training for it.