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Phil Webb

I had a fun chat this morning with a few hundred Microsoft Learning Partners to see how much interest there was in offering a Free Virtualization exam to all their current and former ITPro students...not only were they interested, but almost 90 Learning Partners jumped in already today on behalf of their customers.  You won't see a public announcement about this special opportunity to take exam 70-659 MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization until after Oct 1st so keep a look out on Microsoft Virtualization Training & Certification for more details.  Forgive me for taking a little more space, but I thought I would give you the early locations in case you're interested.  If you've ever been a student at any of the following organizations, contact them next week and ask about how you can take the Virtualization Challenge for free:

MS Technologies Argentina
Intertron S.A. Argentina
Buffa Sistemas SRL Argentina
Green Treinamento Brazil
TekSource Corporate Learning Canada
Servicios de Capacitacion Gurukool Ltda. Chile
Hidalgo y Del Moral Ltda. Chile
Computrain Cyprus
Com Computertraining and Services GmbH Germany
Com training and services Mainz Germany
TraiCen Computer Training u. Consulting GmbH Germany
Integrata AG Germany
ADN Distribution GmbH Germany
AddOn Systemhaus GmbH Germany
AddOn (Schweiz)AG Germany
Systemhaus für Netzwerk und Datentechnik GmbH Germany
the campus GmbH Germany
SoftEd Systems GmbH Germany
ppedv AG Germany
Traicen Computer Training & Consulting GmbH Germany
ITG Mannheim GmbH Germany
ptm-Akademie GmbH Germany
NH Computer Learning Center Frankfurt AG Germany
Productividad Total, S.A. Guatemala
FevaWorks Technology Limited Hong Kong
Cms Info System Pvt Ltd India
Vecomp Software Italy
Real World Technology Training & Solutions Jamaica
System Solutions Luxembourg S.A. Luxembourg
Net Capacitaciones Mexico
Integradores de Tecnología de Información, S.A. Nicaragua
Taughtworks, Inc. Philippines
Eureca Russia
NOUDPO Institute IT (НОУДПО Институт АйТи) Russia
Dynamix Learning Solutions South Africa
IT Certification Academy South Africa
LGIT Smart Solutions South Africa
iSolve Learning Solutions South Africa
Idese Formacion Spain
Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd Trinidad
TCM Bilisim ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ltd Sti Turkey
izmir akademi özel eğitim danişmanlık Turkey
Bilge Adam Turkey
Bilge Adam - Kozyatagi Turkey
Bilge Adam - Ovecler Ankara Turkey
Bilge Adam - Bilkent Turkey
Bilge Adam - Kadikoy Turkey
Bilge Adam - Kizilay Turkey
Bilge Adam - TownCenter Turkey
Bilge Adam - Taksim Turkey
Adeo Bilisim Danismanlik Hizmetleri Turkey
Bilge Adam Besiktas Turkey
Bilge Adam Antalya Turkey
Bilişim Eğitim Merkezi Turkey
İnfopark Bilgi Teknolojileri San. Tic. A.Ş. Turkey
Firebrand Training Ltd UK
QA Limited (King William Street London) UK
Computeach Ltd UK
ITS Feda Limited UK
Corporate Training Group, Inc. USA
Unitek Information Systems, Inc. USA
Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. USA
Phoenix TS USA
New Signature USA
Knowledge Transfer Consulting Services USA
Pinnacle USA
1Staff Training USA
New Horizons Computer Learning Center USA
New Horizons Twin Cities USA
NR Computer Learning Center USA
Current Technologies Computer Learning Center USA
Babbage Simmel USA
MAX Technical Training USA
Microstaff IT Holdings USA
ExecuTrain of Utah USA
New Horizons USA
New Horizons South Florida USA
New Horizons Indianapolis USA
Premier Knowledge Solutions USA
Aspect USA
New Horizons Tucson AZ USA
  • Anonymous
    | |

    Hi !

    I did not see anything about FRANCE :(

    It's always the same Thing:( We have to do every thing Online :)

    The information on Microsoft website indicates it's a Global Offer ! Going to see on the PLC :)

    TY for the info ...

  • powercloud
    | |

    We have just registered for Australia - Power Cloud Solutions -

  • David Thomassen
    | |

    So will the training package Here -> be modified to include a free retry as per the training for 70-659 posted here ->

    The advert on this forum ( said that the voucher is worth $150 - given that it is now being offered for free to people that can afford to pay for formal training will the attendees get a different exam voucher offer eg for any exam?

  • Phil Webb
    | |

    David - I would normally ask you to wait until tomorrow when the offer goes live to see the details...but that's a little when the offer goes live tomorrow you'll see that it includes not only the first take for free to test your skills, but it also includes another free opportunity if you need too, to take the same exam after improving your skills.

    Jump Start + Exam:  A full day of expert training and a full exam are worth way more than $150...I think it's a steal of a deal.  As of right now the Virtualization Jump Start is the only one being considered for this special offer.  Thanks for asking!

  • David Thomassen
    | |

    Ok, my last training was from Microsoft themselves (I assuming that Microsoft itself is a "Microsoft Learning Partner") even though they are not on the list.  (The training was for MCM: Windows Server 2008, Directory (R5 in May 2009))  Given that I have already purchased the Jump Start training I will use the 2nd voucher as a second chance option. That and the Prometic MCITP Virtualization offer and I should get an additional MCITP soon.

    I still consider the advertising done for the Jump Start training to be misleading as the plans for the other offers must have been known about and thus a significant number of people will be gaining vouchers from two locations.

  • David Thomassen
    | |

    Phil Webb, Could you assist me in the obtaining of the voucher for the exam from Microsoft?

  • David Thomassen
    | |

    Phil Webb,  I have just taken and failed the 70-659 using the exam voucher from the Jumpstart Training Course, so if you can assist me (and if Microsoft are a Learning Partner for themselves) that would be very useful.  I need a quick responce, as I only just failed the exam and I am planning to take it as soon as possible.