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Hi - I'm Mark Protus and want to introduce myself to the community. I'm a Lead Customer Marketing Manager at Microsoft Learning and have previously worked with professionals in both the Developer and IT Pro communities. In my new role, I'll be orchestrating customer and readiness materials for courseware, exams, and related tools and campaigns. The first campaigns I'll be leading will revolve around the launch of SQL "Denali" and Windows 8.

Rather than push schedules and readiness information outward, I'd really like to hear from you to create a dialog. In addition to campaign and program details, I'd like to know about the information you need and want. I'm open to ideas we can share to help Microsoft Learning do a great job communicating program information and ultimately, help you to be the best solution provider, trainer, educator, or partner.

As a convesration are a couple of interesting links:

I'm really excited about my new role and I'm looking forward to working with you!

  • Zeshan Sattar  (Regional Lead – UK)

    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to MSL! All I would say in any campaign or marketing promotion, don't forget the 17,000 MCTs who can reach your (potential) customers at a grass-roots level.

    Oh, and MSITAs count, too!

  • Chris Barker (Regional Lead -- New Zealand)

    Hi Mark!

    As an MCT specializing in SQL, working at a CPLS in New Zealand, we have always found the curriculum charts *very* useful and often print these out to give to our students. An example of what I mean can be found on the MSL web site ( the "SQL Server certification path roadmap".

    As an aside, I working with MSL doing the technical review for three of the Denali courses currently in development.



  • Colin Lyth (MSFT)
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    Mark I am super excited to have you onboard for Denali (and taking some of my meetings). As Zeshan mentions we have a huge asset, and would love to hear more from them especially around readiness. We've done TTT and virtual summits but what would be most useful for Denali?

  • Anonymous
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    Dude. "orchestrating customer" and "create a dialog". IT Pros and Devs have the same enthusiasm for corporatized communication that four year olds have for boiled green vegetables.

  • Mark Protus, Microsoft Learning
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    Cool dude. No pureed peas in the future. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
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    hi Mark.  

    Welcome to your new role!

    Can you explain why you posted the link about the Facebook 'Game Theory Lab'?

    I simply dont "get it".  Have you installed/played this "game"?  I took a look together with a class of 13 learners, and we were completely lost: where are the rules, what is the point, how do I exit....?

    Would you for the purpose of this blog define who your customers are please?  

    Finally, just to be clear, I am correct in assuming that you are the "spin doctor" for MSL, and we should not be "shooting the messenger" if the courseware, exam or related tools is poor or sub standard quality?  Sorry if you sometimes get caught up in the cross-fire...

    Out of interest, do you hold any Microsoft Certifcations?


  • Mark Protus, Microsoft Learning
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    Hi and thanks! Sorry - game link was included just a as an interesting bit of news. I've worked with and talked with several people over the last few years that are looking at ways to incorporate game play and game theory into their training and instruction. Gaming environments can provide interesting ways to learn and have fun at the same time. I should have provided greater context.

    I'm not a licensed doctor - nor am I currently certified (but, I'll fix that soon). Feel free to speak up and I'll do the best I can to remain engaged and get the right messages to the right people. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
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    What Microsoft certification would be good to start out with?  I will be working with workstations and some Tech support and I have the hands on experience with no certification.  I hope that made sence. Thanks