SQL Server "Denali" Experts--We Need You!

Liberty Munson (Microsoft)
First, I want to thank everyone who responded to the previous survey that was the first step of the SQL Server “Denali” certification exam and courseware design process! Your feedback was extremely valuable and was used to create a comprehensive list of tasks for the core database job roles we’re researching. Now, that we have that list of tasks, we need your help in prioritizing them.
Whether you participated in the first step of the process or not, we are asking for your feedback on the importance and frequency of each task identified during that initial phase; your responses to this survey will help us prioritize what will be assessed on the certification exams (we can’t measure everything!) and covered in the associated training created by Microsoft Learning. Not only is this your opportunity to have a voice in the certification and learning content developed for SQL Server “Denali,” you will also be participating in a pilot of our new exam and courseware design process that should create closer alignment between exam and courseware content! Very cool, indeed!
Because we are planning seven exams, we have created two surveys to accommodate the breadth of the planned portfolio.

·         If your skills align to business intelligence, please complete this survey: http://microsoftlearning.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bBguJmAZIyH59kw.


·         If your skills align to other database roles, please complete this survey: http://microsoftlearning.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8206sREIs29IcQI


·         You may complete both surveys if you have skills in multiple areas.

You will have the opportunity to provide input for all exams in the BI or other database role tracks as you complete each survey. You can provide feedback on some or all of the exams included in a particular survey and/or you can complete both surveys if you have skills across Bi and other database roles. Here's the key, though--we need your responses by July 24, 2011.
Thank you, in advance, for completing this survey! We’re committed to certifying the real world skills professionals need and cannot do it without your input. 
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    It's good to MS reaching out to others for input - but you've only given us 5 days! I can't see you getting masses of responses in that time.

    Besides that I like the fact BI is getting more traction, and that T-SQL has been put at the root of both tracks.

    One thing I cannot reiterate enough is please please lower the amount of XML questions. We all know MS loves XML, but does it really need to make up 10-15% of an exam (70-433/451)? In reality it is not used that much.

  • Anonymous
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    I'ld like to take a part in the task of forming certifications for Denali

    But as Simon indicated, the time period is short for me respond your call.

    I hope you provide a second chance for SQL professionals like us

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    Since “Writing queries with Transact-SQL (T-SQL)” is required for both roles, and each role has three unique exams, that totals seven exams.  That is one more than SQL Server 2008 has, and splits into two roles (“Business Intelligence” and “Database Professionals”), while SQL Server 2008 has three roles (“Database Administrator”, “Database Developer”, and “Business Intelligence Developer”).

    These new breakouts seem more logical for today’s environments, and give more importance to business intelligence, which is the direction Microsoft has been going for the last few years.  It will be interesting to see what “Upgrade Paths” Microsoft will have for those of us who have taken the SQL Server 2008 exams.