Thanks for all of your support the last 6 months! Stay tuned for plans for Career Factor FY12.

Season Finale Video released

Watch the last video of Career Factor as it wrap-ups at TechEd North America. An amazing ending to 5 months of hard work with some very deserving people.

Career Factor: The last week – farewell messages from the cast

Read on for the last installment of Career Factor updates. These are the last messages from the cast as the show closes. Visit the website for full stories from each of the participants. Thank you all for following and we wish you the best for your personal careers.

Steve – The Job Seeker, Australia
Goal: Update skills and certifications to find a new job
This week: Steve’s final Career Factor blog post, a video he shot at Tech·Ed, features his castmates as they answer five questions about their experience with the show.
Eddie - The Do-It Yourself IT Pro, California
Transition back into the IT industry, obtain TS and PRO level certifications
This week: Eddie’s last post is a short reflection on his “wonderful ride”
Simon – The IT Manager, UK
Get his team (including himself) certified to maintain Microsoft Partner status
This week: Simon’s last post with a sentimental goodbye to everyone involved.
Rabeb – The Windows Phone 7 Developer, Tunisia
Develop and release a WP7 app to the Marketplace
This week: Rabeb’s last post thanks all those who have touched her heart the last 6 months
Kevin – The Student, Texas
Find a post-college job as an IT Professional
This week: Kevin’s last post reflects on the past semester and his future after graduating from Dallas Baptist University.
Bojan – The Microsoft Certified Master, UK
Take the MCM course and pass the Exchange 2010 MCM exam
This week: Bojan’s last posts complete his 3 post series on the Benefits of being an MCM. See part 2 (the community) and part 3 (the payoff), along with part 1 from earlier last month.
Neil – The Windows Azure Developer, Canada
Learn how to develop an application on Windows Azure and SQL Azure
This week: Neil finishes the show by presenting at GITCA’s 24 hours in the cloud. You can see his presentation here.
Caroline – The Office Competition Contender, Canada
Compete at the 2011 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Office
This week: Caroline ends with a retrospective look via a video montage.