Career Factor: Final thoughts and contest update

Erica Thomas

The Career Factor cast spent last week recovering from their trip to Tech•Ed North America, but they're beginning to publish their final impressions of the show, the conference, and what they've learned. Read on for updates from Simon, Steve, and Eddie.

In addition, don't forget that the DIY Career Factor contest ends June 15! It's easy to enter: Choose your prize (training and certification exams for Windows Server, Windows Phone, or Microsoft Office), tell us why you should win, and encourage your friends and networks to vote for you! Make sure you follow the rules--any entries using artificial means to collect votes will be deleted. Review the rules by clicking on the right-hand tab on the contest homepage if you have any questions.

The Career Factor show itself ends next week, but in the meantime look out for a final video from the cast as well as their final blog posts and videos on the Career Factor website.

Simon – The IT Manager, UK
Goal: Get his team (including himself) certified to maintain Microsoft Partner status
This week: Simon blogged about his last day at Tech•Ed, which began with some quality time with hands-on labs and ended with the closing party at two Atlanta landmarks and late-night revelry with the Career Factor cast.
Steve – The Job Seeker, Australia
Update skills and certifications to find a new job
This week: Steve’s final Career Factor blog post, a video he shot at Tech•Ed, features his castmates as they answer five questions about their experience with the show.
Eddie – The Do-It-Yourself IT Pro, California
Transition back into the IT industry, obtain TS and PRO level certifications
This week: Eddie shared a series of short videos from Tech•Ed, including the opening band (which performed on computers), a keynote presentation featuring Kinect and astronomy, and the show floor.
  • Adrian Chirtoc
    | |

    DIY Career Factor contest  has a BIG BIG BIG... problem at the voting! The number ov votes is not real..

    There is a work arownd and you can vote as may time as you want.. only time to have!

    So.. please change the vorting or the way of giving the prizes...


  • Erica Thomas
    | |

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your comment! We're aware of the issue, and we're working very hard to make the voting more secure and to delete entries that have clearly violated the rules posted on the content site. Our goal is to make the contest fair for everyone.