The Career Factor cast met each other and many of their Microsoft champions at Tech•Ed North America last week, and they have photos, videos, and stories to share! Read on for a recap of new blog posts from the conference.

But first:

  • Have you entered the DIY Career Factor contest? Find out how YOU could take on Windows Server 2008, Windows Phone 7, or Microsoft Office like Steve, Rabeb or Caroline. It's easy to enter and start getting the votes you'll need to win. The contest ends June 15, 2011, so enter today!
  • Make sure you watch the Career Factor reunion show, which was filmed on the TechNet Edge stage during Tech•Ed. Find out what everyone learned at the conference and what advice they have for anyone following in their footsteps.

Steve – The Job Seeker, Australia
Update skills and certifications to find a new job
This week: Steve posted frequently during his week at Tech•Ed. Check out his daily video recaps (see Caroline’s update) and his Tumblr blog.

Kevin – The Student, Texas
Find a post-college job as an IT Professional
This week: Kevin wrote about having dinner with Microsoft employees, meeting people from a wide variety of corporations, and partying with the Canadians at Tech•Ed.

Eddie – The Do-It-Yourself IT Pro, California
Transition back into the IT industry, obtain TS and PRO level certifications
This week: Eddie was sad to leave Tech•Ed early to return to work, but he treasured his experience and even discovered a new career goal!
Rabeb – The Windows Phone 7 Developer, Tunisia
Develop and release a WP7 app to the Marketplace
This week: Rabeb posted a recap of the beginning of Tech•Ed and showed us her view of the exhibition hall as she explored with Kevin.
Simon – The IT Manager, UK
Get his team (including himself) certified to maintain Microsoft Partner status
This week: Simon posted daily from Tech•Ed and shared thoughts about getting to know the Career Factor group over baseball, running between far-flung technology sessions, being inspired by his fellow cast members, and receiving some insight into the TS exam goals.
Caroline – The Office Competition Contender, Canada
Compete at the 2011 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Office
This week: Caroline and Steve starred in their own daily TV show featuring updates about the conference and their time in Atlanta. Check out day 1, day 2 and day 3.