Next Tuesday: Join Career Factor for a job interview bootcamp

Erica Thomas

Career Factor and the Microsoft Certified Career Conference team have joined forces to present this popular session led by Microsoft Staffing Consultant Wendy Hill. Wendy will discuss her insights into how to nail an interview based on her extensive recruiting experience. In this presentation, which is tailored to the Career Factor participants, Wendy will cover how to prepare for an interview, the typical interview structure, and how to follow up with interviewers to leave a good impression.

Job Interview Bootcamp: Tuesday April 19, 7:00am PDT (What time is this in my region?)

How to register for this free live session:

  1. If you have attended a Microsoft Certified Career Conference event (including this week's résumé workshop), then you already have a username and password for the event website. Skip to step 4.
  2. If you have not attended a Microsoft Certified Career Conference, then you will need to create a username and password. Go to and create a profile. (You'll be able to use this profile to access future live events and recorded sessions.) We recommend that you create your profile at least a few hours before the event just in case there are technical difficulties.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to register for "Microsoft Certified Career Conference OnDemand."  (Don't be misled by the shopping cart--this event is free!) Once you've created your username and password, complete the registration process, verify that you've read the Cancellation Policy,  and check out.
  4. Sign in to and go to your Agenda (on the left side of the homepage). From this page you can add the event to your Outlook calendar so you get a reminder!

The session will be presented via the Live Meeting client, so please install it ahead of time. The link to join the session will be posted to 10 minutes before the session. If you return at this time and don't see the link, refresh the page or check the Agenda page.

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