What would you do if you had to travel halfway around the world on a few hours' notice? Are you ready to put your Word skills to the Expert test? Read on for these topics and more from some of the Career Factor participants.


Eddie – The Do-It-Yourself IT Pro, California
Goal: Transition back into the IT industry, obtain TS and PRO level certifications
This week: Eddie has started his new IT job and is adjusting as quickly as possible to the full-time schedule. He’s about to get back into the certification flow and looking ahead to mentoring for his MCTS exam.

Caroline – The Office Competition Contender, Canada
Goal: Compete at the 2011 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Office
This week: Caroline spent the week studying with her classmates and instructor Janine to get ready for a second chance at the Microsoft Word 2007 Expert exam.


Rabeb – The Windows Phone 7 Developer, Tunisia
Goal: Develop and release a WP7 app to the Marketplace
This week: Rabeb has had a busy week working on her Windows Phone 7 app and studying for certification exams, and she’s working hard to prepare for upcoming presentations on Windows Phone software.


Bojan – The Aspiring MCM, UK
Goal: Take the MCM course and pass the Exchange 2010 MCM exam
This week: Bojan attended a three-week training course on the Microsoft campus in late January. Watch Bojan’s first video to meet his family and learn about his Microsoft Certified Master goals.


Kevin – The Student, Texas
Goal: Find a post-college job as an IT Professional
This week: Kevin just got a job offer! He also tested his web design skills and scheduled his first certification exam.


Simon – The IT Manager, UK
Goal: Get his team (including himself) certified to maintain Microsoft Partner status
This week: Simon was just beginning to plan his team’s certification strategy when he was unexpectedly sent to Malaysia to assist a customer.