Last week, several members of the ACE team, as well as a few from PMG & BOCC, participated in the 2011 ATP Conference.

The Innovations in Testing conference focuses on innovative technology and best practices in the areas of certification/licensure, clinical, education, industrial/organizational and international testing. From networking to innovative ideas, this conference allows industry peers to discuss and learn about new and innovative testing ideas and issues.

This year, MSL submitted 10 proposals; 7 of those proposals were accepted. Six members of the certification development team, one member of PMG and one member of the BOCC team presented on topics related to customer communities, innovative approaches to ensuring quality, rapid form republishing, expanding testing to international markets, JTA models and approaches and anti-piracy. Click on the links below to check out the abstract for each presentation.

·         The Wild and Wacky World of Customer Communities (Taj Heniser, Stephanie Jordan and Krista Wall, partnering with Lenora Knapp, President - Knapp & Associates International, Inc.)

·         Expanding Your Credentialing Testing Program to International Markets – Is it for the Mission, Money or Both?  (Greg Stephens, partnering with Andre DeChamplain, Director of Innovations in Testing - National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, Rory McCorkle, Product Manager - Credentials - Project Management Institute (PMI) and Manfred Straehle, Manager, Certificate Programs - Green Building Certification Institute)

·         Blending Customer Satisfaction Data with Psychometrics to Improve Exam Development from Multiple Perspectives  (Liberty Munson)

·         Rapid Form Republishing: Mitigating Item Exposure and Increasing Security   (Liberty Munson, partnering with Jill Burroughs, Director, Exam Services – CompTIA, Sara Rupp, Manager, Exam Development – CompTIA and Russ Smith, Senior Psychometrican - Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.)

·         Innovative Approaches to Ensuring Exam Quality throughout the Exam Lifecycle  (Taj Heniser, Stephanie Jordan, Liberty Munson and Stefani Okamoto)

·         Beyond the Sandbox: Different Approaches and Models to Perform Job Task Analysis (JTA)  (Shashi Ramesh, partnering with Blair Harris, Exam Development Consultant - Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc. and Tom Robinson, Managing Director, Education Division - CFA Institute)

·         Legal Update: Recent Litigation, Court Decisions, and Strategies in Exam Piracy and Proxy Testing Cases  (Mickey Thoma, partnering with Gerald Pia and Brian Roche, Attorneys- Roche Pia LLC